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Runs from Clowns

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reply to TwoFrogs

Re: [Deep] Santa Fe-ish PUNishment

Not me, I like that little chimp, even if I do think he ought to stay away from the Train.

And why does the frog get preferential parking????? I'm the one with the broken knee!

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What did I start???

1- A polar bear walks into a bar. He goes up to the bar and says, "hey, can I get a rum...............................and Coke?"

The bartender says "sure, no problem. But I have to ask, why the big pause?"

The polar bear says "I was born with them!"

2- What type of cheese is made backwards?

3- An Indian chief had three wives, each of whom was pregnant. The first gave birth to a boy. The chief was so elated he built her a teepee made of deer hide. A few days later, the second gave birth, also to a boy. The chief was very happy. He built her a teepee made of antelope hide. The third wife gave birth a few days later, but the chief kept the details a secret. He built this one a two-story teepee, made out of a hippopotamus hide. He challenged the tribe to guess what had occurred. Many tried, unsuccessfully. Finally, one young brave declared that the third wife had given birth to twin boys. "Correct," said the chief. "How did you figure it out?" The warrior answered, "It's elementary. The value of the squaw of the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws of the other two hides."
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