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Orbis non sufficit
Jackson, MI


Every forum has a few guide lines to go by, so...

1) NO FLAMING, TROLLING, OR PERSONAL ATTACKS- Pretty obvious here... no flaming or trolling of other members. Do not take it to a personal level. Any thread or post heading down that road will be edited, deleted, or locked depending on the situation. In other words... play nice!

2) THIS IS AN OPEN FORUM- Anything may be discussed here with the exception of porn or religion. Regional politics are allowed, but don't get out of hand with it (see rule 1). Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tiger bashing allowed when appropriate, of course.

3) BE CREATIVE WITHOUT BEING OFFENSIVE- Do not use curse words in your "catchy title"... this is kind of a pet peeve of mine. I just don't see the need for it and it just plain looks unprofessional. Please keep gratuitous cussing to a minimum in your posts also... a post full of mindless expletives will definitely be edited and may be deleted.

4) NO SPAM- I hate spam... spam will be deleted without warning.

5) HAVE FUN- Very important! This forum is meant for you to be able to kick back and relax... maybe talk to some members in your area. Have a sense of humor and enjoy yourself.

I'm a pretty open minded person... if you have a dispute with me or my actions, or have a suggestion, feel free to contact me via IM or e-mail and we can discuss it.

These rules are subject to my interpretation and change.
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