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Yorba Linda, CA

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Re: DSLR IM checker

said by Steve:
NOTE: will not work on 95/98/ME, sorry.
For some reason I decided to write a start-from-scratch version of this tool in C++, so now it works well on all the Windows platforms it's been tested on (98, ME, etc.). It's also much easier to configure than the previous one written in perl, and people have reported to me that they got it running in less than a minute. It's a very small .EXE (24kbytes), and the full source code is available as well.

The one thing you need to know is when setting up the shortcut, you must add your DSLR user number to the command line, and in my case the command line is
C:\bin\ygpm.exe -u 340145:Steve
Here, "340145" is my user number, and without that it won't check for anything.

Full instructions on my web page: »www.unixwiz.net/tools/ygpm.html

YGPM = "You've Got Private Messages"

I've been running this for a few days, as have a number of my testers (including the host of this forum). Feedback very much welcome.

Stephen J. Friedl • Security Consultant • Tustin, California USA • »www.unixwiz.net

Premium,VIP,ExMod 2002-04
Meriden, CT

I love it Steve, it makes things much easier for me.
Thanks for making it.
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