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North York, ON

Many ppl joined rogers recently

~I think many ppl joined rogers recently according to how many posts in this forum. I remembered one month ago, sympatico had almost 200 posts and rogers had only around 80. But, now, rogers catches up with Sympatico, as both have around 110 posts....So, I believe that there are many sympatico users switched to rogers due to the june implmeneted caps. )-_-( Haha, if rogers implement, do you think many ppl will switch to other DSL?
~For me, I believe that Cable and DSL should be unlimited like our access of dialup because information techlonogy is important to us. Why they (broadband companies) want to limit ourselves? They suck....

Toronto, ON
That may be a reason but have you thought that maybe more Rogers customers are having problems with their service so they're turning to this forum for help? IMO both are good reasons.

Rogers will lose a hell of a lot of customers if they implement those bit caps, including me.

I don't see how our communications technology can advance if our service is being degraded and limited.


Waterloo, ON
reply to sonicool
Why leave Bell for the worse option (cable)?

why not an alternative dsl? you can find many ISPs that do NOT have bit caps at all at www.canadianisp.com

Can you spell bit caps? And just why is cable a worse option ?

Same one sided ToS, same bad speeds for most people.

Same we don't mind because you don't matter customer service.

Toronto, ON
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reply to Babak1
said by Babak:
Why leave Bell for the worse option (cable)?

why not an alternative dsl? you can find many ISPs that do NOT have bit caps at all at www.canadianisp.com
Visit the Canadian Broadband forum and see how many horror stories there are with the alternative DSL companies... It's not always a smooth ride with DSL, same like Cable... Its how lucky you get.
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Also visit www.ihaterogers.ca and Planet MADtv

Toronto, ON

reply to sonicool
I've used cable at friends houses and it seemed pretty good. 3megs down 400k up.. to me it was a dream... Then the day I get it installed, the speed caps are implemented

When the bit caps are in I WILL look for an alternative DSL ISP like Cybernet Comm. or something like that
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Balking The Enemy's Plans

Woodstock, ON
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Ahh well fun fun, I joined up with rogers in january. But, I kept going to get it when it was available here. Back when it was Rogers@home hmm...it took them a year or so after that to get the "upgraded" equipment installed in town here, and then some gimp breaks the fiber trunk that was burried underground...what a mess. Every time I went to join up, something happend and I couldn't get it. Finally after the destruction of @home, I joined up smooth...nice, fast. Then, lo and behold we get the 1500cap, then they talk about transfer caps...sometimes I have bad luck with things.

But, I'll be moving to DSL if and when they goto the transfer caps. On a side note, I think rogers has gotten tired of me pestering them...I'm supposed to "hear back" about the degraded line quality, I went from 2700 to 1200 after all. I mean what's up with that? Playing dumb works sometimes.

It's unfortuante I had to change my stratagy, but I'll give heads up when I hear back. Maybe luck will be with me. Either that or I'll get some type of offical notice that they've changed it.