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Wallingford, CT
reply to Wildcatboy

Re: Forum rules, reminder, changes, updates, ...

said by Wildcatboy:
...This forum gets a lot of new members daily ... A year from now a lot of the old timers may no longer be here and the people dominating this forum will be the new guys who join today. If being unprofessional becomes an acceptable part of this forum, there will be absolutely no hope for this forum a year from now. ...
I have lived through this exact situation, except it related to a chat environment. The structure got lax - New comers came in - Old timers went out - Pretty soon the area was entirely different than what it had been meant to be. (It's still there today and it is a sad place as far as I'm concerned.) This second post really helped to complete the first in my opinion, and together they are very well stated. Thank you.

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Humble, TX

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I meant to start a local web site over a year ago. BUT .. after being a member here a long time, I saw how a GOOD site should be developed (and how a good site can evolve) towards someting even more worth while.

This set of updated rules (I would prefer the term "guidelines", but this is not my forum )
is a perfect example of how it does continue to change for the better.
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