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Dirk Daring

Ashburn, VA

Discarded AT&T Microwave tower locs for sale

Saw this on slashdot, figured people here might find it interesting.


"from the good-place-for-a-party dept.
InitZero writes "American Tower is selling nearly 2000 old AT&T Long Line microwave locations that are no longer needed thanks to fiber. These towers -- spaced about 50 miles in every direction -- and their associated bunkers were designed to withstand World War III. The average location (find one near you) has two acres of land, 1,800 square feet worth of bunker and a tower of 200 feet. Some locations still have their hardware (60KW generator, microwave feedlines, equipment racks, feed horns, etc.) All this for an average price of just $25,000. If you're a ham radio operator, building a data center or just looking for a place to put your wireless access point, these locations look awesome."

Go Wisp's
ExMod 1999-03
Richmond, VA
Cool, Dirk! Thx much!!

Looks like it's /.'ed already! LOL!

Richmond, VA
reply to Dirk Daring
Buy a few sites and have an instant statewide Wi-Lan.
It's so hot, the cat fell over.


Orleans, VT

And, her's the list.

downloadOasisDownload1.zip 185,154 bytes
Hey guys,

There's some good stuff here for all you guys who live
in the areas where assets are available. (Hint, Hint
Kory and Scott) Does the name Dinwiddle sound familiar?



Delray Beach, FL
reply to Dirk Daring

Re: Discarded AT&T Microwave tower locs for sale

heck, forget the tower and building, $25k for 2 acres is pretty cheap for the land alone (at least in my neck of the woods). I only wish they had one or two in Florida...


reply to Dirk Daring
Where's the price list?


Orleans, VT
The Slashdot article claims the average price is $25K.

Tampa, FL
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Dirk Daring
I spoke to these folks today and they feel the slashdot article was way off. I have a complete list of all there towers for sale as of today. Here is the cities.

AR West Helena
AZ Hualapai Peak
AZ Kingman
AZ Quartzsite
AZ Winkleman
CA Newman
CA Rnge 26 W, Los Padres Nat. Forest
CA 2W Suisun City
CA Moraga
CA Mi Wuk Village
CA Williams
CA Arbuckle
CA Bear Springs
CA Bess
CA Manchester
CA Carter
CA Stockton
CA Colyer
CA Elk Creek
CA Gustine
CA Harlow
CA Mount Gleason
CA Patterson
CA Owlshead
CA Palo Escrito Peak1
CA Pyramid Hills
CA Richgrove
CA Kernville
CA Sugar Loaf Mountain
CA Tehachapi
CA Timber Mountain
CA Vaquero
CA Walker Ridge
CA Yreka
CO Bayfield
CO Dove Creek
CO La Junta
CO Pagosa Springs
CO Red Wing
CO Yellow Jacket
CT Oakdale (Montville)
CT Wolcott
GA Mansfield
GA Reidsville
GA Chattsworth
GA Chatsworth
GA Bogart
GA Fortson
GA Garretta
GA Jackson
GA Lula
GA Wayne
GA Gray
GA Macon
ID Indian Butte
IL Gridley
IL Forest City
IL Mazon
IL Canton
IL Normal
IL Colfax
IL Peoria
IL Buda
IL Quincy
IL Kewanee
IL Saybrook
IL Albion
IL Sumner
IL Liberty
IL Lincoln
IL Moweaqua
IL Donnellson
IN Clear Springs
IN Elwood
KS Kincaid
KS Parker
KS Thayer
KS Barnard
KS Ellsworth
KS Dennis
KS Osborne
KS Liberal
KS Plains
KS Scott City
KS Sublette
KS Abilne
KS Hunter
KS Minneapolis
KS Concordia
KS Tennis Junction
KY West Paduca
KY Fisherville
KY Mount Eden
KY Ashland
LA Ddayton
LA Haughton
LA LaCombe
LA Sorrento
LA Starhill
LA Transylvania
LA Winnfield
MA Princeton
MI Pine Run
MI Muir
MI Marion
MI Niles
MI Greenbush
MI Omer
MI Big Rapids
MI Cheboygan
MI Sodus Twp.
MI Manistee
MI Elmira
MI Custer
MI West Branch
MI Rogers City
MI St. Ignace
MI Rudyard
MI Lachine
MI Curran
MI Standish
MI Munger
MI Grayling
MI Baldwin
MI Lake
MI Marion
MI Millersburg
MI Kalkaska
MI Freesoil
MI Scottville
MI Galien
MN Annandale
MN Gilman
MN Little Falls
MN Lonsdale
MN Luce
MN Motley
MO Callao
MO Carrollton
MO Leonard
MO Salisbury
MO Holden
MO Ewing
MO Millwood
MO Eminence
MO Wasola
MT Dillon
MT Glendive
MT Dillon
MT Helena
MT Ismay
MT Saint Regis
MT Cut Bank
MT Toston
MT Clancy
NC Monroe
NC Warrenton
NC West End
ND Richardton
ND Alamo
ND Driscoll
ND Killdeer
ND Medora
ND Keene
ND Killdeer
ND New Salem
ND Langdon
ND Lankin
ND Sentinel Butte
ND Williston
ND Tappan
ND Spiritwood
NE Rising City
NE Cozad
NE Fullerton
NE Stanton
NE Otoe
NE Du Bois
NM Long Ridge
NM McCarty's
NM Broadview
NM Ribera
NM Cuervo
NM Melrose
NM Deming
NM Cloudcroft
NM San Cristobal
NM Rio Rancho
NM San Jon
NV Dayton
NV Spring Creek
NV Carlin
NV Imlay
NV Goncolda
NV Amargosa Valley
NV Ely
NV Tonopah
NV Gilbert
NV Baker
NV Tonopah
NV Table Mountain
NV Tonopah
NV Wassuk
NY Schenectady
NY Schenectady
NY Austerlitz
NY Barnes Corner
NY Cheningo
NY Cherry Valley
NY Deerfield
NY Deposit
NY Edwards
NY Georgetown
NY Long Eddy
NY New Berlin
NY Smartville
OH Chesapeake
OH Clyde
OH Columbus
OH Goshen
OH Ravenna
OH Ironton
OH Hillsboro
OH Walbridge
OH Celina
OH Williamsburg
OH Buckhorn
OH Columbus Grove
OH Mechanicsburg
OH Fredericksburg
OH Gilmore
OH Hopedale
OH McConnelsville
OH Perrysville
OH Nevada
OH Bascom
OH New London
OH Van Wert
OH North Baltimore
OH Vermilion
OH West Unity
OH Lakeside Marblehead
OK Ramona
OK Alva
OK Gans
OK Hooker
OK Kiowa
OK Lindsay
OK Lookout
OK Sumner
OK Talihina
OR Brady Butte
OR Cave Mountain
OR Crescent
OR Harness Mountain
PA Clarion
PA Bell Township
PA Briar Creek Township
PA Cabot
PA Cloe
PA Conellsville
PA Forest Lake
PA Gouldsboro
PA Lewisberry
PA Malta
PA Wharton Township
PA Oil City 2
SC Carlisle
SC Kershaw
SD Hudson
TN Columbia
TX Big Wells
TX Cat Spring
TX Charlotte
TX Hearne
TX Montgomery
TX Jacksboro
TX Jacksonville
TX West
TX Anderson
TX Stanfield
TX Alice
TX Goliad
TX College Station
TX Aspermont
TX Terrell
TX Mathis
TX Crockett
TX Ady
TX Albany
TX Beeville
TX Borger Radio
TX Chilton
TX Caldwell
TX Camden
TX Cat Springs
TX Cedar Springs
TX Cotulla
TX Dayton
TX Delaware Springs
TX Gladewater
TX Eden
TX El Paso
TX Laredo
TX Florence
TX Floresville
TX Hedley
TX Hindes
TX Independence
TX Itasca
TX Lexington
TX Lindale
TX Linn
TX Lockhart
TX McCaulley
TX Monte Alto
TX Nazareth
TX Pattison
TX Post
TX Rimrock
TX Rockdale
TX Salt Flat
TX Segovia
TX Segovia
TX Snyder
TX Weimar
TX Wellington
TX West
TX Wink
TX Woodbury
TX Chireno
TX Waxahachie
TX Kilgore
TX Hallsville
TX Marshall
TX Marshall
TX Marshall
TX Waskom
TX Waskom
TX Spring Branch
TX Blanco
TX Dickinson
TX Humble
TX Houston
UT Fillmore
UT Nephi
WA Menlo
WA Spangle
WA Blyn
WA Enumclaw
WA Naselle
WA Tekoa
WV Dunlow (Missouri BCH)
WV Elizabeth
WY Cleveland
WY Sheridan


La Canada Flintridge, CA
reply to Dirk Daring
this all seems wayyy off. im looking into purchasing one of the underground bunker ones and its 200k

Go Wisp's
ExMod 1999-03
Richmond, VA
reply to newisp$

Re: And, her's the list.

said by newisp:
There's some good stuff here for all you guys who live
in the areas where assets are available. (Hint, Hint
Kory and Scott) Does the name Dinwiddle sound familiar?
Dinwiddie? Yep, sure does. Right in the middle of BFE.
Mommy, Daddy! Wires are for kids!
Cut the cord!

Richmond, VA
Now how cool would it be to acquire a spot on the microwave tower atop of the Bell CO?
It's so hot, the cat fell over.

Go Wisp's
ExMod 1999-03
Richmond, VA
Oh, man, that would be priceless!! We should take a pic sometime and post it for the others to see!
Mommy, Daddy! Wires are for kids!
Cut the cord!

drop the crantini and move it, sister
Morristown, NJ
My old boss was looking at this about a year ago (9/11 got him thinking that bunkers were a good thing).

As usual, slashdot is worth what you pay for it.

American Tower (look at their website) is in the business of leasing tower space. In the old days of dot-com madness they bought up a bunch of crap from ATT without really looking at whether it would be profitable later. It wasn't. Check the locations. These are all places where they couldn't rent space to any cell carriers. Would you want to own a tower that no one else wanted? Probably not.

I saw all the pictures of the bunkers (both what the Am Tower folks will send you and from my boss' travels to bunker sites). The bunkers are interesting, but look at spending at least $200K on those sites just to buy them. And look at what the taxes are before you jump. Also keep in mind the amount of money you'll have to pay to haul all the old generators, batteries, etc. out. Contrary to what's suggested at slashdot, the stuff there is not in anything that could be described as working condition.

IM me if you have any questions, I heard way too much about this when we were looking at it.

The only upside is that these guys just need to liquidate. My boss made some cash buying a site in a very very nice area of NYS for their price and turning around and selling it for 8x's more to a developer. Am Tower didn't know anything about the real worth of the land at that site, as they were not familiar with the area.