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Wallington, NJ

D-Link Di-604 Opinions?

I am considering buying this router since my Linksys broke. Was wondering if you people had any problems with it and how reliable it is? I read about 6 reviews and all of them give above 95% or 9.5/10 or 5/5. Is the firewall feature good enough? Does it stealth the ports like ZoneAlarm, and many software firewalls? Is it easy to access ftps through it? Sorry for the long list of questions but I need to know befre buying it. I can get it for 34.95 shipped and after a rebate so I think it's a great deal to buy some cheap but good router than spend the extra 50 for a quality linksys.


Newbury, OH
At this point, I would put a strong DON'T BUY D-Link recommendation out there.

I have the DI-614+, which I believe is basically the 604, but I have WiFi.

I have returned one, and cannot get the second one to work, my current plan is to return this, and the D-Link pc wireless card and go with Linksys.

Pay for the quality.

Keith Soltys

reply to Mako3k
I got one a week ago and it seems to be working OK for me. Getting it set up was a bit of a pain - I already had a network set up with Internet Connection Sharing. I had a heck of a time getting Windows XP to see the router, but after a couple of hours of fiddling around I got it working.

I like the firewall features, although as far as I can see it works only on incoming (not outgoing). No problems with FTP to date. The filtering capabilities are good too.

Logging could be better - I can't email the logs as my ISP's server won't accept email without authentication, which the router can't do. And you can't save or print the log files.

I'd give it a qualified recommendation. I see from other posts here that some people have had trouble with it, but other than the trouble with setup, my experience has been trouble-free. But I'm not doing stuff like running a game server or something like NetMetting -- your mileage may vary.


Mauldin, SC
·AT&T Southeast
reply to Mako3k
I use XP and it was ready to go immediately after I plugged it in. I've had no trouble with it, other than the 2.03 firmware that kept making it reboot. I like the setup on it much better than the Linksys I used previously. While there may be some support problems, it's no worse than I had with Linksys.


Miami, FL
reply to Mako3k
The DI604 droppped my BellSouth FastAccess connection every few minutes. Tech support said they would help, then didn't. I've replaced the D-Link with a Linksys, which works fine.


reply to Mako3k
Works great for me cant get msn messenger send file to work but im sure they will fix that in later firmwares... firmware 2.03 doesnt work for me either keeps dropping connections every second so im back at 2f workin great... sad thing is i have more problems with my direct tv dsl than the router i recommend to not get direct tv dsl they are liers cheaters and stupid and no this is not my opinion this is what they put me thru first they said 2 months free if i apply a month later i find out they already took out 29 dollars for my first month and were planning to charge me for the next 2 months also finally i called them and spoke to 5 people finally the guy gave me 2 months free than they were gonna charge me but once again i just found out yesterday that they charged me 50 dollars ughhhhhh on top of that had to send back 3 gateways back why? well cause they thought i needed a new one each time come to find out they finally said i needed home wiring so another 150 on top of that but the customer service guy said they would pay half on it.. guess what they didnt do nothing ima have to pay for that mess i tell you if i could sue them i would cause im not the only person that had these problems i read some more complaints at another site.. anyways lol i know this had nothin to do with dlink but please be advised stay away from direct tv dsl...


Alabaster, AL
reply to Mako3k
It really depends on your connection type and exactly what you are going to try and do with the router.


For the price go for it. If I didn't need UDP port forwarding I would be very happy with it. I use to complain about how it would disconnect all the time, but later found out my cable modem was failing. Since timewarner replaced my cable modem I have not had it go down once. It has been up for two months without problems now. The only thing I wish it would do is forward the UDP port for a Counter Strike server.
Oh by the way I have the Di-614, same thing with wireless.


San Diego, CA
reply to Mako3k
my friend has one of these and he does all the same stuff i do with my internet connection and he is happy with it. FTP, Counter Strike/gaming in general, trillian, it is pretty much all stealth except for one port i think, i forget why, but i think he fixed it with an upgrade or something. i'd recommend it, in fact i am thinking of replacing my current setup with it because it is so cheap, i could sell what i got and get the di-604 and actually make money. hehe.
mables.com rules!


Wallington, NJ
reply to Mako3k
Well, I ordered it today. it should be coming in on Tuesday. I'll see if it's as good as people say it is. Thanks for the replies.

Verizon FiOS

Yorktown Heights, NY
I'm thinking of buying this to supplement my Orinoco RG-1000 because I've been having some problems with the adapter hanging on my machine. However, that machine is currently sitting right next to the DSL modem and RG-1000 gateway, so there is no reason why I couldn't pick up a cheap router (this model is $25 at Office Depot after rebate and coupon this week) and connect my modem, PC and RG-1000 to this, and just reconfigure the RG-1000 to act as a bridge (plus get better network performance, to boot). But if I am going to have problems with the DI-604, I'd just as soon not bother, and either wait for a good deal on another wired router, or pick up a replacement wireless router and sell my RG-1000.


reply to Mako3k
I am a reseller and about 1/3 of the 604's have been DOA. The router powers up, sees the WAN connection and passes out IP's to the LAN, but no traffic will go through. Firmware upgrades make no difference and D-Link tech support has no answers. I would avoid these routers. Even the working 604's run hot, and a couple of them have failed after a few weeks. I no longer sell D-link routers at all. The 704P was a good, solid router, but D-link really messed up with the 604 and I can no longer trust them.


Dudley, MA
said by ResellerInMO:
Even the working 604's run hot
That's interesting ... I noticed that about my 604. It actually was painful to pick up, it was so hot!


Duluth, GA
reply to Mako3k
I just installed one of these, making a last minute change from the Linksys. The reason for my change was I ran into a network installer at the store who has put dozens of these into homes in the Atlanta area. He swore by the quality of the unit and felt that problems were due to the inexperience of the buyers. I was surprised because this was not what I saw posted in the various forums. He specifically did not like the Linksys because he said their support line response was poor and sounded like it was off-shored. He thought the DLink support was quick and more experienced. I followed his direction and was up and running with my Westell modem within one hour after getting home. I can't vouch for the longevity of the device or the quality of the service since I've only had the unit for 1 day but the process has been painless so far. For what it's worth I've been on DSL for three years now and this is my third DSL modem. The bottom line with this type of equipment is that there's more room for error than success in setting them up and I think the problems have more often been my learning curve than real equipment issues. Just my opinion.


Having trouble with Verizon web based email. Saw some other peeps on this board having the same type of trouble. Pointing to the MTU setting of XP NIC and the smtp server.
I like the web interface though.


reply to Mako3k
IT DOES NOT WORK with MSN messenger's voice chat features, or other things like that. Keep that in mind. The web configuration interface is easy though. It's a cheap router, remember u get what you pay for.


Spring, TX
I bought one about two months ago and it took me about three hours to figure out that need the firmware off the Candian d-link site for pppoe problems. (i dont know why but it worked) I only paid $45 for it so i guess i got what i paid for. Its very difficult setting up and works as an excellent door stop. Also I noticed that it does seem to run hot.

Verizon FiOS

Yorktown Heights, NY
reply to dude9808
said by dude9808:
IT DOES NOT WORK with MSN messenger's voice chat features, or other things like that. Keep that in mind. The web configuration interface is easy though. It's a cheap router, remember u get what you pay for.
Are you saying that you cannot configure the router to work with that? I would think that by default all routers would have problems with stuff like the instant messaging programs that need to directly connect to another machine. However, worst case you should be able to tell the router to let the machine be completely visible to the network and have it work, no?


reply to Mako3k
I have mine for about 4 months and it seems to be working Ok for me. I have also 2 dwl520+ pci cards and 1 dwl650+. My experience has been trouble free since I upgrade the firmware to 2.03.


Mississauga, ON
reply to Mako3k
Hi All,
I just got my di-604 this week, but was unable to install it. My pc is currently using my friend's DI-704 and is working ok. But when I replaced it with the DI-604 and even logged into the setup, it is still not working. btw, I'm using rogers cable.

I went to the dlink website and followed the instructions for win98 installation. rebooted the cable mode, router and even the pc. When I ping, it fails.
Can someone who has installed it give me a walkthrough?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

On a side note, how come the di-604 unit that staples sale looks different from the one advertised in their flyer?

thanks in advance


Vancouver, BC

I just bought my DI604 last week from Staples too. Flyer has the old pix. The one in the web site is the newer one.

After some struggle initially, I was ready to pack it in and return it to Staples then it donned on me that ICS I am using is assigning the same IP as DI604. I am still using ICS as one of my other computer is networked using phone line.

Once I was abe to change the DI604 to something else. I was able to get the WAN light to work right away (see my earlier post on this issue).

So, it has been working for me since Sunday w/o any problem.

BTW, I updated the firmware before I started my set-up as I have read several posts regarding the terandon modem with the DI604.

Good luck.


Mississauga, ON
thanks for the reply. I already had my ICS removed when I did my installation and it failed. The puzzling part is that the pc is already working with another router, the DI-704. All I did was replaced it with the DI-604, and went through the installation the following steps:
1. restart cable mode (rogers)
2. restart gateway router (DI-604)
3. restart pc
4. ran winipcfg to release / renew
5. went to and ran web configuration wizard, selected dynamic and cloned MAC. I tried both options of using the default hostname and entering my cr* hostname
6. executed ping - failed. (is this an accurate test?)
7. ensure that IE 6.0 settings are same as suggested by the manual

I have already upgraded the firmware to 2.03 and repeated the same steps. same result:(


Vancouver, BC

Do you have both WAN and LAN light(s) on?

I had trouble with the WAN part; hence no traffic.

Does the admin page showed that it successfully assigned IP to the LAN and also got WAN address from your cable modem?

Yes, you should be able to ping your router from any one of the client using the command you indicated. Not sure why it failed. I suppose that is an indication that you have no connection to the router (TCP/IP speaking)