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768 SDSL@$49.00/mo -- no complaints here.

I was a Telocity customer running on the Rhythms network. I got a deal on 768 SDSL with a static IP and ran my own domain out of my apartment--running my own webserver, ftp, email, SSH, VNC, filesharing networks, and everything else I could think of. When Telocity and Rhythms went out of business I was really worried that I'd be limited to a PPOE connection with a lousy 128kbps upload through DirecTVDSL. Fortunately they picked up my circuit and I kept my awesome deal. I never had any outages beyond one 2 hour stint and so I never had to deal with what everyone says is lousy support. So I have no complaints with DTVDSL and I know I won't find as good of a deal anywhere else. But does anyone know of a comparable deal out there? Speakeasy looks like my best option (static IP is a must) but I'm still going to have to pay almost $90 to keep a respectable 768Kbps upload speed. Anyone know of anything better available in the midwest?


Wayne, PA
Your class of service at that price has consistently been the kiss of death for anyone who provisioned it.
Let's see; NPT, Rhythms. Thank goodness you were a legacy customer for Covad.
You were a very lucky guy to fall through the cracks at DirectTV.
But honestly, you were probably costing them more than you paid for that service (Talking about usage potential. No I don't know you or your usage habits. You have to admit, that type of usage potential was there)