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Requiescat in pace
Numquam oblitus
Hoboken, NJ
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A few basic rules...

1. Proper subjects:
Images in general
A thread may be moved to or from DITech, as appropriate- or to any other forum as necessary

2. Your own images only, please. Copyright infringement is a bad thing; one thing that will not be tolerated is claiming another's work as yours.

3. Try to keep images reasonable in size...probably a good idea to keep the width under 800 pixels.

4. This is primarily a forum to discuss pics, not merely a 'post your pic' forum. Generally, there are liable to be some 'open picture' threads open, but that's really not the purpose of the forum. We're here to help each other get better as artists. We have a gallery, which is the best place to just 'post your pics'...

5. There will be no public discussion about anybody's voting habits in the gallery. If there's a problem with votes, contact me.

6. On editing- Given that, from what I have seen, most people have no problem with having their photos altered within a thread, we'll continue to allow that. Anyone who does not wish to allow this should use the [No Edit] or [CritEditN] radio button when starting a thread, depending on whether or not a critique is requested.

7. The rules, at this point especially, are subject to change...

The Gallery:

Justin has come through for us; we have a gallery!

Any non-original pictures may be subject to deletion at any time.

The Gallery should be presumed to be a 'No Edit' zone.

Complaining about the Gallery in the forum will be strongly discouraged.

the large print giveth, and the small print taken away