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Mr. Bombs

San Francisco, CA

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Networking 101. Your basic guide.

Since America Online has released news about their new Home Networking option, users are now able to utilize MSL. This allows up to 7 simultaneous connections to the America Online High Speed Service. AOL had recently allowed users to connection via the PPPoE protocol, which is a big change that allows you to bypass the client and use other devices. A little side note: If you are serious about this, be sure to bookmark it! Open the links in a new window. These links will take you away from this page.

Getting Started:
Before you begin, please read the following first...
What is MSL?
Can I use a router/hub with AOLDSL/Cable?
Networking AOL Plus DSL/Cable through ICS
The PPPoE Method
Setting up the Router

What to do next:
After reading this general information and if you are comfortable enough to begin, be sure that all your hardware requirements are met and get ready!
- Purchase the required router.
- Ensure all computers have an ethernet card
- Purchase ethernet cables (as long as required to connect)
- Ensure that the router is PPPoE ready before you open it
- Configure your router to work with the AOL service.

Use the following information:

Username: your aol screen name followed by @aol.com
ex: "jdoe123@aol.com" is what you type.

Password: your aol password
Point your browser over to Networking AOL as a reference.

General Questions:

Q: Which way should I go, a router or hub?
A: A hub is for dsl users only. It is the cheapest but if you plan to share files, then it'll require you to install a firewall which complicates things. A router is for dsl and cable users. It's fairly cheap but it is a little trickier to configure. It allows safe file/printer sharing and has a firewall. Now if you only have two computers and are low on funds, you may use just a hub and a PPPoE client to connect. Link here: How to use PPPoE connection on AOL!

!Hubs will work well with around 3 computers. If you want more computers to connect, you need a router.!

Q: Is there a specific brand of routers that you recommend?
A: Yes, the linksys routers are 100% compatible with AOL. Though any router that supports PPPoE will work

Q: Must I buy the costly router from AOL?
A: NO! just pick one up from a local store.

Q: I have a usb modem, what can I do?
A: You will need to have an ethernet enabled modem. You may purchase a router that handles USB but that is NOT recommended.

Q: ICS requires me to have WIN98SE/ME.
A: Then you will need to use a hub or router

Q: Is there an extra charge for MSL?
A: No, it's provided to all AOL High Speed Users that have AOL Broadband as their primary ISP.

Q: HELP! MSL is not working!!!
A: Call member services and have them turn it on at 1888-849-3200!

Q: If I split my connection, will speeds degrade?
A: No. But if both people are browsing the Web, it will slow down. This is normal.

Q: Will pings be affected?
A: No.

Q: What modems are compatible?
A: Westell, Actiontec Hybrid, Creative Broadxent and all other Ethernet based ones.

That's all there is to it!
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