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Rochester, MA
reply to GPorter

Re: Tip: login without password

said by GPorter:
The trick doesn't work for me, but then I don't let Windows save any of my passwords-I'll bet that's the key.

In any case, I don't think that this is so much quicker that the convenience overrides the security of having to manually log in-that's just me.

I don't let Windows save any passwords either. It doesn't sound as if you prefer this little work-around anyway so there's no need for us to troubleshoot the problem.

Lather, rinse, repeat

It Always Works Better When It's On

San Antonio, TX
You're right, I'm not thrilled by this capability, but I'm not surprised by it, either. This is the same format for logging into an FTP server, and it makes sense that it would work.

My real issue with this trick is that it does save your password, and that it's saved in clear text in a shortcut. They're fairly easy to find, so using the trick reduces security (and I'm a security fiend, so that bothers me a lot).

Oh, there's no troubleshooting necessary. The problem wasn't Windows, it was how I entered the "username:password" string. I forgot about needing to specify "%20" or something like it for a null string username. It works fine with something in that space to work with.
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