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DSL Reports Other Distributed Computing Teams

DSL Reports is actively involved in multiple Distributed Computing Projects simultaneously.

Dedicated Forums exist for our SETI@Home Team (DSL Reports),
Folding@Home and Genome@Home (DSL Reports Team Helix),
and United Devices Project (DSL Reports Team Discovery).

This forum, General Distributed Computing, exists for the discussion and interaction with several other distributed computing projects .

Currently, the GDC forum is the home for the following:
    EcologyFund.com: This is a project to donate Land for FREE by just clicking a few buttons at EcologyFund. Our team name is DSL Reports Ecology, and to join just click here, and then select "Join" to become a member.
    Created on 14 Feb 2001, Starfish See Profile is the Team Founder. For any questions or comments please contact him.

    Team Endeavor: Distributed Folding
    Team Endeavor was founded by jlandgr See Profile and is finished.

    Distributed.net RC5-64: The RC5-64 Project is an collaborative effort by distributed.net to tackle the 64-bit RSA Data Security Secret Key Challenge. The Secret-Key Challenge actually consists of thirteen separate but similar contests. Our team name is DSLreports.com (found here #1, or here #2). To join, click here #3, or select "here #2" and click on the "I want to join this team!" link. This team was founded by Nick See Profile on 20 Jan 2001, for any questions or comments please contact him.

  1. LifeMapper: Lifemapper is a distributed computing project of the Informatics Biodiversity Research Center from the University of Kansas that uses DC to help expand knowledge of:
    • Where Earth's species of plants and animals live

    • Where Earth's species of plants and animals could potentially live

    • Where and how Earth's species of plants and animals could spread across different regions of the world
    To join, see this FAQ
    The LifeMapper team on DSLR was started by Starfish See Profile on 28 April 2003.

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