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Re: Folks

Something else you may not have noticed is why pick on a telco?? Why not a cable broadband system??

I am sure as I am sitting here there are more subscribers on cable and make even more of a bulk downloads than 1 verizon subscriber??

I wonder why the RIAA is not going after the likes of TWC/AOL or AT&T/Comcast??

I am sure this subscriber they are targeting is not the only one!!

We need to write our elected officials...

Please post links..
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Hates the RIAA

Our firm's president received a RIAA complaint letter about someone on our network using a P2P program to dowload/upload 1800+ files. Half were music, half were graphics. No dates/no times. Looks alot like a fishing expedition to scare people, although we do not allow p2p. Just seeing the RIAA letters shows how desparate the RIAA is to scare companies anyway they can. The lawyers say find the pc (out of 5000, dhcp nat addressing), explain what we happened and what we are doing to stop it in the future. (and tell the RIAA to eat crap and die) We won't have any problems since they have no timestamps or anything. How many other companies have received the same identical 1800+ page listing?


Greendale, WI

reply to David
One reason RIAA has not gone after AOL/TW (owner of RoadRunner and others) is that Time-Warner itself controls a massive catalog of copyrighted material. If one division (RoadRunner) is a conduit of copyright infringement from another division (Warner Bros. Records, and others), it creates a very confusing legal argument. RIAA is going for a clear-cut case, and is picking on a telco at least partly to avoid the above situation.
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