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Manassas, VA

reply to hqh510

Re: Comcast Bandwidth Exceeded Notice!!!

Oh yeah, there's more to the 200GB that I download with one computer. This is just one computer alone. I have three other computers online at the same time as well, making it four computers total. So I doubt that the 5 streaming radio stations is the root cause of it, but partially blamed for putting me over the limit. But I'm pretty sure that when I began streaming the 5 radio stations simultaneously, I went over their "bandwidth limitations".

I'd probably say add another estimated 50GB-100GB on top of the already piled high 200GB from my radio streams for whatever the heck the other computers do.

I'm thinking right now that I'd probably even hit half a terabyte which is sky high for them. I wouldn't know for sure until I ask Comcast what was my actual usage. But again, right now, at least 200GB has been downloaded from one computer alone. Not counting three other computers that go on and off during the days.



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Herndon, VA
You're saying.. 200 gb is only PART of what you download?

Ok, I hate caps, and I think they're really annoying and are too tight sometimes.. But if you're downloading like.. 500gb a month?

Holy crap, dude..