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DI-604 Freezing When Cable IP Reset?

DI-604 rev. C1, firmware 2.20

I've searched the general web and these forums and, while I've found some talk about freezing DI-604, I haven't found the answer to my issue.

My DI-604 appears to be randomly "freezing up" on me, and the only way to recover it is to power cycle it for 20+ seconds. When it freezes I cannot get a LAN DHCP client assignment (ipconfig on the clients will eventually default to windows default IP, probably indiciating I should switch to fixed IP on the LAN) and the configuration screen is unavailable.

While I can't be certain it seems like the problem occurs whenever my cable ISP, Cablevision, forces a new dynamic IP assignment. It seems like the router can't refresh the new IP, and gets locked into some kind of death spiral.

Additionally I think it may be possible that it is a timing issue. In other words IF I have an active session and/or make requests on the connection at the router when the IP has been renewed and the router is still "renewing" on the WAN side then it will get confused and freeze up.

Does anyone know why? Is this a known issue, or is the freezing a result of something else? If it IS a result of the dynamic IP change is there something I can do to get it to properly renew the IP?

I looked into how the "lease time" feature of the router works and it seems most people state you should set it to "forever" (default setting and what I have). I'm assuming this is because lease time refers to the DHCP or LAN side, not the WAN side (where the router is just a passive recipient). Is there any way to control how frequently the router checks the IP assignment on the WAN side and renews it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.