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2 IP's with shaw

I am wondering how or if i could setup 2 ip's for my network. I have my modem connected to my Linksys router then my computers how would i setup a second external IP?


Edmonton, AB
You would need to either use the router as a switch or obtain a switch or a hub. If you just have the 2 computers and you don't want to use the NAT capabilities of the router you could connect the WAN link(from the modem) to a LAN port on the router(confirm this with your router manual), or you could get a switch or hub, run from the modem to the switch, then from the switch to the computer you want to have the 2nd IP and from the switch to the router.

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You would have to bypass the router features of your router to use both external IPs. Rather than using the WAN port of your router, your modem would need to be connected to one of the LAN ports. Not a good plan IMHO.
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you don't need a 2nd ip, the router will hand out IPs to the other PCs. These IPs that the router will hand out won't be 24.x.x.x, the router will have it's own set of network IPs (192.x.x.x i think) to use specifically within your network. From the outside world, all the PCs will be using one internet IP.
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Maybe r0dman really wants two IP. That's quite convenient.

Use a hub or switch. If you use your router, disable the NAT and DHCP function and connect your modem to a LAN port of your router using a cross-over cable. Config your computers as if they connect directly to the modem. They will have their own IPs (remember to set for 2 IPs in secure.shaw.ca)

Disable all file and printer sharing. Also the NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Keep your firewall on. You will lost your local network ability, for now.

Set one machine as the VPN server and the other one as VPN client. Disable the "Use Remote Network as Default Gateway" in the Advance properties of the TCP/IP configuration of your VPN client. You can enable file sharing and NetBIOS in this setup, then both machines will also have their own private address. Still not safe, coz' your traffics goes through the Internet.

A better way is to set one up as Access Concentrator using RASPPPoE, and the other as PPPoE client. Others are similar in VPN Setup. I spend some time in this and this is the safest setup with two public IPs and two private IPs.