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Guru. Kneel

Boston, MA
reply to abediz

Re: Reader for Giganews with Comcast

Port 80 Giga Binary

Port 119 Giga Binary

Webdownload from Cnet port 80
I know/prove this by having graphic throughput graphs clearly showing a binary download over 5 minutes using giganews port 119 to a server, then showing the same binary download over 5 minutes using the same server, but with port 80 (because giga has this set up to circumvent port 119 blocking) going through at full bandwidth without a hickup all t he way through, and having 3 other people on other services (Verizon/RCN) do the same thing at the same times, and their port 80/119 graphs are always the same, while mine and other comcast subs are always clearly different. And then, a few weeks after that discovery - and my posting of it - now all graphs (port 119 and 80) to *.giganews from comcast only lines are the same.

Granted this is not an extremely scientific way of proving it, it is enough for me to realize what is going on, and has been repeated with similar results enough times to prove it AFAIC.

Example... today 12/04/03 approx 5pm -
The differences here are identical almost everytime run, the port 119 graph shows much more throttling/slower speeds during more "peak" times ?? also at 2-4am it never goes above 80 kb/sec.

Now, based on these graphs - you tell me what you think is going on?
1536/384 Covad. 1380/360 actual. 20-60ms pings. Great!!Was a BITCH to install 60+ days and 100+ incompetent moron's along the way, but it's GREAT and SOLID now.. GO NYY!!