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Albuquerque, NM
reply to gr33dy

Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspension

said by gr33dy:
av8ndv8: Interesting... Any idea how much you downloaded/uploaded before getting the letter?

Also, what other options to we have besides Comcast for broadband? DSL? From who? One of my friends signed up for a trial from Qwest and it sucked. (256/256 or something ridiculous) I think it was Qwest, anyway; it may have been a different provider, I don't remember

Where are you located, BTW?

Best guess is about 110GB. Qwest sucks - check out Earthlink DSL or Covad. I can get 1500/256 for about the same price as CC with no hassle. And I'd rather have half the speed that I can use all month than CC's high speed limited access.

I'm around Eubank and Menaul and only 4000' from the CO so I have choices. Never thought I'd like living in the big city but it DOES have it's advantages.