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Troy, NY

Is there a Bandwidth Limit

Hey, I have been wondering if there is a bandwidth limit on Road Runner. Some people say there are and some people say there isn't. So is there?

Matthews, NC
Well, at the moment I don't believe there are any limits being enforced however I believe they can choose to do so at any time. Several months back some areas sent letters to people who were using a lot of bandwidth (~100gigs+/month) and told them there was a limit of 15gigs/month and offered to sell them "extreme" road runner which gives you 40gigs/month. Then they ended up giving nearly "extreme" speeds to everyone and I believe the unofficial cap is now 40gigs/month. However, it is not being enforced. Do keep in mind that they do monitor your bandwidth usage so if you're downloading 10gigs/day every day (or worse yet if you're uploading 3.5gigs/day) your name is gonna show up right at the top of their report. On the other hand, I believe DSL is going to start showing some real competition in most markets so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
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there are no limits as long as you are not maxing out your connection 24/7/365

We're All Mad Here
Palm Bay, FL
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Welcome to BBR/DSLR!

Your best bet, in my opinion, is to use the cable service as you please, other than the obvious...Don't max it out 24/7, like mentioned above though. Also, when using Kazaa for example, limit your upload to 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps so you are not maxing out your upload.

If RR decides what you do is a problem on their network, you'll hear about it, believe me. So just go on your marry way, enjoy RR, and I hope you find this site useful



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As an early warning sign, starting April 2003, Time Warner Cable in Lincoln, Nebraska, Greensboro - Triad, North Carolina and Western Ohio Divisions became the first set of small Time Warner Cable Divisions to have bit cap as their Bandwidth Usage Policy allows each user a maximum of 15 GB total monthly bandwidth usage. Customers exceed 15 GB total monthly bandwidth usage for 3 months in Time Warner Cable Nebraska Division territory will receive a letter recommending upgrade to Road Runner Xtreme: 3.0Mb down / 512Kb up with 40GB of total monthly bandwidth usage limit for $79.95. Once customers are notified for excessive bandwidth usage in either residential Internet service packages, they will be subject to additional fees of $10.00 per 5 GB of usage. More information can be found at »Roadrunner Xtreme? In contrast, getting the same Time Warner Cable Internet access services from reseller -- EarthLink, Inc. may avoid the bit cap.

Road Runner by Time Warner Cable Inc.: 3 mbps down / 384Kb up with no port is blocked $29.95 first three(3) months, $44.95 thereafter, all prices are including modem rental. You may get first month free if referred by a Road Runner user. In most cases, there is no surcharge for non-cable television subscribers, but some divisions do charge $15 surcharge even for basic cable television subscribers. Fortunately, getting the exact same Time Warner Cable Internet access services from reseller -- EarthLink, Inc. may have advantages such as $29.95 for first six(6) months, $41.95 thereafter, all prices are including modem rental, unlimited nationwide (a lot more local access numbers than Road Runner) dial-up access that requires no proprietary dialer like Road Runner requires, users customizable spam filter instead of Road Runner “one filter fits all” spam filter that often causes users not being able to receive non-spam mail just like AOL customers, 8 e-mail accounts with 10 MB personal web space per email box. Starting early October 2003, Usenet/Newsgroups upload has 61 posts cap per log in e-mail address, per news server and per 24-hour period. Usenet/Newsgroups download has 5 GB cap per log in e-mail address, per news server for the past 30 days period. Only after the download bit cap is reached as show by daily updated total, then the Usenet/Newsgroups download speed by the same log in e-mail address used and news server will be throttled to 64 kbps. Users can easily delete and add e-mail addresses via Email Maintenance in My Account. Furthermore, 4 simultaneous connections limit is per each news server and per each e-mail address log in. Although EarthLink has policy to block port 25 and filter SMTP (Simple mail Transport Protocol) and NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) to the Internet, none of them apply to EarthLink cable users due to EarthLink cable does not uses its own backbone Internet connection like EarthLink DSL. In an unlikely event, for technical difficulties with Time Warner Cable Internet access connection, EarthLink cable subscribers must go through EarthLink technical supports first, then be transferred to Time Warner Cable technical supports that often will end with having a Time Warner Cable technician visit.
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