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Re: Help Please..I got the dreaded "letter"

hey thanks guys. i didnt know about the "close to CO" possible speed increases but ill check on it. whats a CO anyway? shucks i cant afford much over $50/mo anyway. As for mr P-Boy..i think youre a busybody, but i dont mind tellin u my dumeter stats anyway:
DU Meter Monthly Report

Period (Month) Download Upload Both Directions

December 2003 95.44 GB 61.13 GB 156.57 GB
January 2004 11.77 GB 22.48 GB 34.25 GB

...so hell ya i dl a lot and its a lot of p2p, torrents and vids and some porn and whatever else i damn well please. if you wanna say i deserve to be cut off because of content/legality go ahead. ive read all those arguments and rebuttals on the big thread up top, and as you can see ive gone on a diet for jan...hehe. still, geesh, i thought this was america. Maybe im just free to dl as much garbage as i want as long as comcast is free to whack me at their "sole discretion" I work long hard hours and when im off, the net is about all the fun i have time for. im tired of the moralizers and "internet reverends" and all the guilt trips....never said nothin about that when i got the service from attbi, and comcast's been takin my money without so much as a letter to inform me since they took over(other than this whacked "abuse" letter). I have a business, but if i treated my customers as comcast is, i wouldnt anymore.
whatever. they havent cut me off yet so enough of me whinin.
again, thanks so much to all for posting.
I guess maybe its verizon DSL, here i come.