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Scarborough, ON

What is CTS mode?

On the performance tab of my Di-624revC there is an option for CTS mode. With the options of none, always and auto. Can some please explain what this does and what setting are recommended for it?

Thank you

Stsight from the D-Link Support Knowledge Base at support.dlink.com

What is the CTS option on my D-Link XTreme G wireless device?
CTS Mode - CTS (Clear To Send) is a function used to minimize collisions among wireless devices on a wireless local area network (WLAN). CTS will make sure the wireless network is clear before a wireless client attempts to send wireless data. Enabling CTS will add overhead and may lower wireless throughput.

Auto - CTS will monitor the wireless network and automatically decide whether to implement CTS based on the amount of traffic and collisions that occur on the wireless network.

Always - CTS will always be used to make sure the wireless LAN is clear before sending data.

None - Typically used in a pure 802.11g environment. If CTS is set to None in a mixed mode environment populated by 802.11b clients, wireless collisions may occur frequently.

If you have a mixed environment, both 802.11b and 802.11g clients, the recommended setting is Auto. Auto is the default setting.

Note: If you are in a pure 802.11g environment (802.11g devices only), you can optimize the performance by setting the CTS to None.