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Belkin products dropping connections

After several resets, firmware update, and numerous Tech Supports, there is no fix for PPPoE and dropping connection.

If you watch your clients, it needs to refresh to re-establish connection.

There is no explaination in Release Note. When you call Tech Support and spend few hours, it turns out a known issues. Go figure and good luck.


Vancouver, WA
i was having troubles with my new belkin F5D5231-4 shutting down on me for a week straight after sitting idle for a few hours. i was running my software firewall zonealarm free version, and had the hardware belkin firewall turned off. after a week of fighting this, i decided to turn off zonealarm, turned off the vectoring service and my router mysteriously took off and i was browsing the net again, so i just leave zonealarm off and use the belkin hardware firewall now, and havent had a problem since.


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I seem to have this problem with my wireless router 54G (F5D7230). Can you tell me which router you have ?
I figure out this while using eMule (P2P) and see that connection is lost every 2 hours...

Anybody with similar experience here ?


My Belkin 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router (F5D5230u4) would mysteriously reboot every few hours, then eventually the connection would drop and not reset itself. It would only do this whilst using Azureus.

I finally had enough and ditched it last week for a Netgear FVS318 and haven't had any trouble. Touch wood.


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I repalced Belkin with D-Link this afternoon and everything back to the game now.
Contacted Cox and they offerred no help at all. It new router works, why bother to fix it.


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Dropping connections problem solved on my F5D7230 (802.11g wireless router) after updating from european version 2.00.00eu to 4.00.03us.
I use the router in Germany, US firmware restricts the number of channels but functionalities are else the same.



Ive attempted to update firmware before on my router (F5D7230) and if decided to die, and dont really want to attempt to do it again.

But my router seems to like dropping connection with all computers to it at very random time limits, then does not allow reconnection for maybe upwards of 20 minutes, unless i go and turn off the router and turn it back on after about 2 minutes.

This is an annoying problem to have, anybody give me any ideas on what I can do?



Hi Dualcyclone,

Can you be more specific on your config :
1/ which equipment do you use as clients ?
2/ could you identify other wireless equipments around (from neighbours or so)
3/ "dropping connection" : what is the fact telling you that connection drops : router setup menu with "disconnected in red", physical link loss with the PCs (red icons), loss of connection when using P2P during download
4/ are you using bluetooth around ? (I personally made the experience with my previous Belkin 802.11b equipment that starting bluetooth was immediately killing the physical connection between client PC and router.)


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I have found that when I use my notebooks internal wireless capabilities (Intel Centrino), the connection is dropped at regular intervals. If, however, a PCMIA card is employed (netgear or belkin), I am not having a problem. The reset problem refered to above above only happens to me when using my works VPN and during heavy exchange useage.. wierd.. but not too frequent.. Any advise on the centrino thing? would prefer to be able to use the internal capabilities


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It is a common pratice to use Belkin products. Refreshing and reboot products will help to clear up all the uncleaned cache in the small size buffers.

If Belkin increased the buffer size, which cost more money and less profit for them, users do not have to deal with these issues from time to time.

Save cost, improve profit for Belkin, and excercise for users.


reply to RISC
If I understand correctly, there is only one F5D7230 router. If there is different version, I need your help to tell me which one to use with what firmware.

Also find a temporary fix to Belkin products: I need to refresh my network interface. It is weird but works.

Anyway, I returned Belkin products along with its $10 cable.


Flushing, NY
reply to Dualcyclone
I have a Belkin 802.11b PCI adapter talking to the 54g router.

It was constantly dropping connections with a perfect signal.

I figured out the problem using the Windows event viewer: the DHCL lease was expiring every so often. Yes, the router was set to never expire DHCP leases!

So I assigned a fixed IP address to the machine and the problem went away.