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Cincinnati, OH

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reply to thecrock138

Re: Anyone getting 3mbps?

I can only train up at 1600/816 and my actual throughput is only around 1.3Mbps. It's an alright speed but I tend to download lots of medium to large files, and ~160k/sec is limiting my speed there. I have to live with it though.

My distance from the CO is a lot greater. It's the Rossmoyne location and that's roughly 2 street miles from here. Non-optimal phoneline routes likely kick the line distance up more than that.

Like I stated in the other thread on here, I've probably seen the absolute least improvement in speed of everyone who has responded on here with their speeds. Everyone else seems to be getting more than 2000kbps. Oh well.

[edit] I agree with you that they should revise the speed they're advertising. The last time I talked to a CBT technician he said to actually pull 3Mbps you'd have to be located really close to the CO and they'd have to run a direct fiber line right to your house. If that's the case then "3Mbps" shouldn't be advertised anywhere, even if the phrase is "up to 3Mbps". For all intents and purposes that speed is impossible. Due to the overhead as well the best anyone is really going to see is around 2.5Mbps.


Williamsburg, OH
your exactly right, and that sucks that you can't get any better than 1600.....I had cable for a while but switched back because pings and stuff tend to stay steady on zoomtown and the cable varied and spiked. It was fast though, I did get my 3 and most of the time more than 3 but the upload killed everything because it was capped at 256k....


Cincinnati, OH
reply to DeathK
I am only training at 1294, with actual test speeds (I know they're unreliable, but...) around 980! A friend lives in Mt. Washington and trains at 3200!!!

I emailed tech support (what a joke!), and after 4 requests, finally got someone to tweak the settings on their end... 1294 is it.

I'm going to try hooking up directly to the demarcation point to eliminate inside wiring, then request a line test if that doesn't work.

I agree... the advertising is VERY misleading! L8R!

Cincinnati, OH
I tried the direct connection to the demarc as well djw3798. I went through the whole shpeel with a knowledgeable technician on the support line. My inside wiring has no effect on the transfer speed. I even have all the inside lines to the phones running through one filter (yes, this works without a hitch.. if you know what you're doing with the wiring, which is pretty simple, you can remove all the filters at your phones and hook up the lines through one filter where they all converge).

In the end line quality and distance from my CO are the culprits of my relatively slow speed (line quality is 28db and distance is roughly 2 miles). I wasted a lot of time trying a bunch of different things to try and increase the speed. You likely just have to live with it.

Try a distance to CO estimate here: »/prequal/distance

All Hamilton County CO's can be seen here:


Cincinnati, OH
I too am about 2 miles from my CO (Delta Ave.; I'm in E. Walnut Hills, virtually the LAST phone line out of the CO heading west, I think!), but hey, gotta try!

I don't think I'm going to get much better. Line quality is 21db, so there probably isn't much hope!

But like I said above, gotta try it for myself!

Thanks for the input!