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Let them know about it!

It's actually been going on for over 6 months. It's the fact that RCN in our area hasn't been prepared for the increase in customers. I had a technician stop by my house and I was one of many people that day with the same problem.
Latency issues are sporadic but tend to happen at the worse time. I've called an complained so much that they eventually just dropped my monthly payment in half. At least now I'm paying for DSL speeds.
Make sure you call and complain and have them make a note on your file. It's a lot of effort, but they don't seem to know the issue is as bad as it is.

Chicago, IL

Re: Let them know about it!

They know how bad it is, their service sucks, period. I have had problems for 6 months and am too busy to deal with them.

RCN - I have the 20 / 2 plan and I am lucky to get 9 megs down, upstream seems reliable at about 1.5 - 2.0 megs. They have never fixed any of my issues and you have to sit thru kids in Bangladesh or where ever their tech support is located. The problem is that they OVERSOLD the circuits in Chicago ( I am in Lakeview) and they don't care!

For 6 months I have many days with 1.5 down or 3, or whatever. If you call them they will make you go thru the same crap over and over again - yes, I will directly connect my machine to the modem, yes I will reboot etc etc etc. In the end it will still be their fault and they don't care, when pressed as to why I should pay for service that is not there, they tell me to take it up with billing.... great company RCN!


Re: Let them know about it!

I agree 100% with you. I'm in Lakeview and have the exact same problem. The only reason i'm still with them is the price I've got going ($15/mo).



Re: Let them know about it!

I just moved from Lakeview to the Goldcoast, and unfortunately the tower I moved to has an exclusive contract with RCN. I was previously with Comcast and the upload speeds were incredible! However, now I cannot get upload speeds better than 300kbs... it's absolutely ridiculous. Trying to upload an HD video file takes an HOUR. I've called and every time they run the diagnostics they claim the speed is fine, then 10 mins later it drops back down to about 250kbs. It's seriously a joke. I'm looking into T1, since I don't have comcast as an option. Until then I'm going to call until they drop my monthly rate.


Ugh same problem here.

Just installed RCN last week in a wake of AT&T DSL cap announcement.

Speed test was great for just the first day (maxed out at 10mbps). Download speed is average 1-2 mbps. Yea, I might be lucky to see 7-8mbps at 2-3 in the morning.

Upload speed continue to max out at 700-800kbps.

These clowns seriously oversold their "fiber optic" capacity. I called the tech support and she tried to put a blame on my "firewall", "router", and my computer. Eventually she said she need to send someone in to take a look and if there's any problem on my end, there will be $49 charge on my account.

WHAT? It used to work great on the first day, and now 3 days later you're saying that there might be something wrong with my wiring? *sigh*.