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Comments in response to »Review of Rogers Hi-Speed by oldsam by oldsam See Profile

Let them use fibre


Typical Robellus BullSh*t

...they told me that i will have a grace period of 3 months to either terminate the contract or upgrade my package without being charged. After a about 5 weeks with rogers, i had enough and decided to cancel my contract (i was running over the data cap without even doing any serious work) only to be told that they changed the rules and i can no longer cancel it.
This type of thing is so wrong and it's the reason why so many people are upset with the big three. Everyone who has the ability should record their calls with these scumbags and go after them when they try to pull crap like this. You shouldn't be able to change the contract rules after the customer has entered into the contract. That defeats the whole point of having a contract.

This type of thing happens all the time, and customers here in Canada just let it happen for some reason. Don't take it. Go after them and get the service you want. If that's a cancellation, then so be it, but you shouldn't have to pay more for staying within their own guidelines.


Re: Typical Robellus BullSh*t

I was in a hurry to get an internet connection seeing that I just moved to canada, so I opted for rogers solely based on relative's advice, they were all on old contracts with larger caps and some still had unlimited. Never thought that a large company such as rogers would try to trick customers like that. Lesson learnt i guess.