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Dish vs. directv

I switched from dish to directv and I've had nothing but trouble with directv. The screen freezes when you do anything, so I have to reboot the whole system about once a day. Techs have been out twice in the first month, still problems. I've call tech support maybe three times in addition to tech guys being out here. They say I have the best top of the line directv receiver in my house. At least the reset button works without fail, but that's about it.



Horrible Service, Rude People, Bait and Switch Tactics

The worst experience in 2012. Ordered Services and they tried to "bait and switch" to a higher price. Called President Mike White informed he Never talks to customers, too bad. went to a customer service department who didn't care, told me in essence to take it or leave it. talked to a supervisor Kelly Morgan and she was rude and said it was my problem. i couldn't believe in todays business market a company operated like this. I will never recommend them to anyone and anytime anyone asks me they are the very worst! too bad.

Unhappy Cust


Too high a PRICE and POOR Customer Service

The price jumps to ridiculous amounts and the customer service is really shit. We canceled only to find that the bill doesn't - haha. I would not want to inflict this kind of service on my worse enemy.

Service reps ROBO talk and little in the way of customer satisfaction was received.



Talk to So Asia - and Get Satisfaction?????

I cancelled my service with DIRECT TV and in the process have found them to have NO ETHICS or INTEGRITY. At the cancellation we were told by the "Resolutions Department" that we just needed to ship back the equipment and that our balance would be zero. Today I received a bill for $101.01 I have talked to 3 Customer Service Agents - one of which told me that the account would be "zeroed out" and to a supervisor in So Asia.

I asked the supervisor for some INTEGRITY - that they would actually stand behind what their PEOPLE SAID - she said that "INTEGRITY is being consistent." Maybe I just don't get it - but I always thought it was "STANDING BEHIND YOUR WORD."

DirectTV must be consistent in misleading and screwing people.



Re: Talk to So Asia - and Get Satisfaction?????

Same experience, but I did not cancelled, instead I moved and downgraded the service. Direct TV customer service, never switch the package, therefore I was paying for a program that i did not receive. Called and talked to two supervisors and they didn't care, they stated that the program will be switched to the new package but have to pay for the premier programer. I will never recommend Direct TV, they are a ripoff.