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About Security

All discussions of Security and Privacy are welcome here.

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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

Forum specific rules:

Before you post, read the following:
    •Please read The Sitewide rules Regarding quotes. In short, all posts with just a random quote and a link with no additional comments will no longer be acceptable and will be removed.
    •If you are planning to post a "HijackThis Log", You are in the wrong place. Security Cleanup is where you should be. Make sure you read their rules before you post.
    •Direct links to any executable file or links to sites that promote hacking or provide downloads of Trojans, viruses, etc... are not allowed.
    •Posts that provide step by step instructions to various exploits are not allowed.
    •We reserve the right to edit, move or remove any post or thread without further explanations.
    •Keep related Topics in the same thread unless the original thread is more than a week old. However if it's related to a problem on your computer, you must start a new thread. Never interrupt a thread with your problems when people are trying to fix someone else's problem.
    •Before posting about a subject please check all the topics posted during the previous week to make sure the question or the subject has not been posted before. Duplicate posts may be locked. A forum search for the subject you are looking for may give you the answer faster than posting about it.