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..needs sleep

ftp server

ftp traffic.


Morganville, NJ

closing tcp21?

How does one close tcp21?

I have Windows ME and a Zyxel Prestige 642ME bridge at home. I'm using ADSL.


Warwick, RI

Re: closing tcp21?

if you have a ftp server port 21 will be open dont worry about it to much becase its in use by the server nothing else can use that port as a sever


Morganville, NJ

Re: closing tcp21?

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that I'm not running any servers at home. I also found out that my ISP is deliberately keeping tcp21, tcp80, and tcp23 open. So, there's nothing I can do about it.



Re: closing tcp21?

Sure you can and should. Any open port provides a hacker with the knowledge that your computer exists. And they can focus more attention to hacking in to it.

You should try a personal firewall software program. There are several you can get from free to $$.

I have used ZoneAlarm, Norton Personal Firewall, Sygate Personal Firewall, and BlackIce. They all work just depends on your style and needs.

goto »download.com for freeware and trial software


Morganville, NJ

Re: closing tcp21?

I've been using the free version of ZoneAlarm (4.5.530), and I can still see the ports are open.
Hollywood, FL

Re: closing tcp21?

Me too, but not to worry. Open up Zone Alarm Control Center go to the Program Control Tab. Verify that ALL programs in the Internet zone listed are set to "Ask" or to "Block". A well-configured firewall is a lifesaver.

This must be somewhat new, 'cuz earlier this month something tried to perp me thru FTP, and with the settings I described, I got a Zone Alarm popup that indicated that there was an attempt to call out over ftp. I declined the invitation. BTW, I found the file left by the perp C:\system\dos\temp\tmp\1.txt. It was an ftp script dated 12/2/03 replete with the ip address for the server used by the dum**ss who tried this. He also tried a CONNECT to my apache web server two minutes earlier.

The only way I know of how I got this was thru an ill-behaved applet / malware while surfing.

Hope this helps.

Apache Junction, AZ

Port 21 tests always open, McAfee says it is shut?

Can anyone tell me why my port 21 tests always open and unsecure when my McAfee firewall says it is not ?

What should I believe the Internet Port scanner or my McAfee Software ?



Re: Port 21 tests always open, McAfee says it is shut?

NEVER trust you firewall. For an accurate test of a firewall I use an independent test at: »grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2



hey DUDES!

Hey you all!!! I think u should trust the firewall because it is more secure then online testing...21 is FTP port is it? so if it is it it have to be OPEN other wise u wont download anything..un less u are running a Proxy server on FTP port......I recommend Naviscope...I had a lot of open ports...I gave my IP adress to my friend and he scanned it and after I used Naviscope my port were closed...SO I recommend this prog



Some routers have ftp for firmware update

Some routers have ftp open for firmware updates - Read your manual to learn how to disable this from the web



how can i open ports?

hi! i need to open the ports 6881-6999. please, if someone know how can i do it? please tel me... thanks Sorangel Hernandez

Re: how can i open ports?

Hi - Are you using the router DSL, cable modem ??? Need more info. I see you trying to open port range and not a single port. If you provide info needed ( brand and model of modem/router ) I'll surely help you do what needs to be done just need to know how do you have your connection setup. Post it here or e-mail me Click HERE

"hi! i need to open the ports 6881-6999. please, if someone know how can i do it? please tel me... thanks Sorangel Hernandez"



"Port 21 Open" messages may be incorrect

FYI, I think 'Port 21 is open' is a bug on this system. I ran the Java applet portscanner on this system, and it claimed everything was okay except that Port 21 was open. Well, I checked, and it shouldn't have been open - so I ssh'd into a separate system and double-checked.

I physically ran an nmap port scan against my system from a completely separate system elsewhere on the internet, and it only listed the only port I had open, port 80. (This is intentional.) Port 21 was closed (ran it with -p21 just to be sure), as it should have been, *not* open.

Argh! As such, if you're worried about port 21 being open despite what your firewall software claims, well, it probably isn't open.

Worst case, try an independent source, like »www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2. (Yes, that's a freaky URL, but that's where they keep ShieldsUp. Go figure.)



Answer: Port 21 always open

Port 21 can be kept open by your ISP to prevent you from opening your own FTP server, so even if it says it's Open or """Insecure""" it isn't, any attempt to connect to that port from others will probably result in connection being closed right away or to freeze.

Also real URL to Shields-UP scan is:

the other URL on this thread is only usable from the one who connected to the web site first with the URL I gave you.



Opening port 6881-6889

hi i need to know if i can open the ports 6881-6889 over a wireless network?i don't know the name of the routher, is there some way to find the routher name without looking at it?

I am running Win XP MCE 2005



ftp server

well,i really use ftp because i repair pcs and sometimes i need to download patches and programs from my pc. when i'm at school,i have some works, i upload them to my server and i finith them at home. it's amazing!

my brother also uses ftp to download files and music.
i'm behind a router and with sympatico hsi (!!!) and i enabled dmz to my modem and opened ports with my router + i have a firewall installed in my pc.

i don't worry about opened ports,you could have opened ports if you are directly connected to the internet like cogeco cable services