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Universal Plug and Play - Port 5000

"Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is an architecture in Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) that supports peer-to-peer Plug and Play functionality for network devices. The UPnP specification is designed to simplify device and network service installation and management. UPnP accomplishes device and service discovery and control through a driver-less, standards-based protocol mechanisms. Universal Plug and Play devices can auto-configure network addressing, announce their presence on a network subnet, and enable the exchange of descriptions device and service descriptions. A Windows Me computer can act as a UPnP control point to discover and control the devices through a web or application interface."


Note: There are known vunerabilities in UPnP, and it should be disabled unless necessary.
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Re: Universal Plug and Play - Port 5000

For clarification:
It is also built into Windows XP and can be installed on a Windows 98 machine when using the Network Setup Wizard off the XP CD.
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how do you disable plug and play on a WinXP system? thanks.


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Re: Universal Plug and Play - Port 5000

There is a port closer for just that port

i have the newest version of ZA Pro, which i think close all open ports including the UPnP port. any chance you might know if that's indeed the case? and assuming it does, would i still need to download that program you provided a link to?


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hehehe.. plug and pray~

port 5000

go to >add/remove programs> remove windows components> click on networking services> details >now check Plug and Pray> ok
should work.

Re: port 5000

if it's unchecked it's good, correct?

Rochester, NY
Sorry this doesn't close the port. By default the port is open even if this componet isn't install.

You can get the GRC program listed above and turn it off or if you want to do it manually here is how...

Control Panel --> Admin Tools --> Services
Look for the service SSDP Discovery Service
Double click this and set it from Automatic to Disable.

Reboot your system and lets do a check.

Start --> Run and type in cmd

At the command promt type in netstat -an and look and see something like If there is no :5000 next to and IP for TCP then it is closed off and your safe.

Also note this will turn off UDP Port 1900.
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Im still kinda confused this is a bad port to have open right?

Rochester, NY

Re: confused

Any port open is pretty much bad. If you don't use the port then close it if you can.

Park City, UT
I really dont no if i use it or not its just there
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Port is good if you use it, ZA Pro doesnt block

I have Zone Alarm Pro (newest version 4.5) and it does not block port 5000. If you go to norton.com, as a part of their way to try to make you buy their internet security suite (just pick that you are a home user) they test your machine for open ports (do not think that its more extensive than BBand fast test but they seem to test different kind of ports rather than a high number, and theirs caught my open, BBand said I was safe). It found my 5000 port was open (click on advanced results). When I went to customize ZA (Firewall, internet zone/trusted zone, customize, (all the way down) block incoming/outgoing UDP/TCP ports and made it block port 5000 in both zone it still didn't work. I do not know if it is a good idea for me to block it, I am on a college network and use their printer. This is what the port seems to be created for, to use Plug and Play device attached to your network. Well actually this is my girl friend's computer and I do not want to block it and then get a phone call saying she cant print for some reason so I wont bother. If you are not in a situation like this, try blocking it, if it stops you from printing or using a device then open it, if you are set then keep it blocked, just remember that its blocked because in the future you might be trying to install something on a network and the blocked port might not let you.



Re: UPnP

I highly suggest people turn this service off as you are putting yourself and others at risk.(internet search ="Universal Plug and Play threat")

I disable UPnP by going to Start>RUN> typing = MSCONFIG
and going to the Services tab, you can uncheck the box that says Universal Plug and Play this does the same thing as working through control panel mentioned above.

Disabling will not limit your ability to access network components, it will force the user to manually browse for the network printer, etc. instead of the machine automatically adding it which in my opinion is anoying anyways as I had 30 unwanted printers at one point because of this.

San Jose, CA

Swann DVR4-NET

I just bought a network-capable, DVR (digital video recorder). It is a Swann DVR4-NET and it uses ports 5000-5002.