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basic web traffic

what you're using right now.

Louisville, KY


Used by most webservers. When you type "http://address", you are connecting to that address via port 80, even though you don't specifically state that. A very common webserver is Apache, used by most webservers for its stability. However, if you do NOT run any web server, you may have an open proxy running on your network. Ports 80,81,8080,6588, and 3128 are commonly used for these purposes. See »www.irchelp.org for more information about open proxies.


A False Report

Some users who have a firewall and go to port scans like ShieldsUp or other sites that say port 80 is open. If you don't have a server, viruses/trojans, or programs that are not opening port 80, it could be your ISP. This does not mean your ISP is spying on you. Here is the reason why your ISP shows port 80 open:

"Some ISP's block all packets going to your port 80, thus you get a stealthed reading, even if you do have a server on port 80. Some ISP's will reply from their port 80 as if they were you, thus either being seen as closed or open, depending on the reply they return. In either case, you are unable to let people connect to your port 80, if you want it or not. ISP's often specifically refuse (or charge extra) to allow you hosting a server."

Some ISP that does this is UK's Freeserve.

Roberts, WI

Catchy title

I have heard some routers with web basted configuration utilities with remote managment activated can give a false reading to the port scanner and then say you have port 80 exposed.

Saint Augustine, FL

PORT 80 a http server port

Port 80 only open if you are running a http server, which you use to host stuff, like my computer.
if you are not running a http server on your computer, and the port 80 is open, it may be has some thing wring with your computer.

Localhost ;)

Re: PORT 80 a http server port

you are right, maybe a virus ?!?!

Saint Augustine, FL

Re: PORT 80 a http server port

It might so.. and someone good at computer hacks, they can hack in using port 80


Morganville, NJ
How does one close tcp80?

I have Windows ME and a Zyxel Prestige 642ME bridge at home. I'm using ADSL.



Re: PORT 80 a http server port

Zyxel Prestige 642ME is a ADSL modem that does not use PPOE in the firm ware.. Check your PPOE software. If not then look to see if there is a virus look for the program "Stinger" Symantec.



How can I enable that port again?

I use ghost recon dedicated server tools. After running the tcpoptimizer, it closed the port and I can no longer access my server via web browser. How can I re-enable it?


Juana Diaz, PR
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Router configuration

I have a ZyXEL Prestige 623 ADSL router that shows this port, as well as telnet and FTP, open. This is not a false reading as far as I know. They are used for configuration purposes. I wish they could be closed for remote access and left open only from inside. But my ISP won't give users the modem password.



Re: Router configuration

Tried user: admin pass:1234? They are the default ones.
TD Gunz


YIKES - OPEN PORT 80 probed in Yahoo chat!!

HI- My name is Todd...
Can anyone help me at all with this? I was in a Yahoo chat room, and someone did a probe on open ports on my pc. He then posted in the room that I had an open port 80.
I'm a little worried to say the least. I am running XP-Pro, have MSN's DSL1000 modem via the phone line. I have Symantec anti_virus, but to my knowledge the only fire walls are the one in the DSL modem, and I think XP-Pro has one as well. I have no idea how to set them or how to see if they're on or not, being a pc "re-todd"...
Oh, I also use a program called YTunnel when I'm in Yahoo, it's got anti-booting, anti-bot's, and a few other things as well.
Any info would be appreciated as that scared the hell outta me when he posted that info in the chat room I was in.
thanx in advance for any help you may provide....



Re: YIKES - OPEN PORT 80 probed in Yahoo chat!!

ok dude...ALL COMPUTERS THAT HAVE AN INTERNET BROWSER OPEN HAVE THE OPEN PORT OF 80! my guess is that person didnt even scan your computer...he just took a wild guess...if you read the posts above...you would get that

Re: YIKES - OPEN PORT 80 probed in Yahoo chat!!

ok dude...ALL COMPUTERS THAT HAVE AN INTERNET BROWSER OPEN HAVE THE OPEN PORT OF 80! my guess is that person didnt even scan your computer...he just took a wild guess...if you read the posts above...you would get that
Wrong. You couldn't BE more wrong. To put it in simplified terms, a browser grabs the next available outgoing port (could be anything) to use to connect to an open port 80 on the other end. The client's port 80 has nothing to do with it.

To the guy that this idiot was condescending to: Best advice I can give you is to go to »www.zonelabs.com and download the free version of ZoneAlarm. You are running a web server. Most likely it's IIS 5.1, which is built into WinXP Pro. You either need to deactivate that web server (which I won't attempt to explain, since I have no idea what your depth of knowledge on the subject is), or enable a firewall. WinXP's firewall will also work for your purposes. You will find info on that in WinXP's help.

Good luck!



Re: YIKES - OPEN PORT 80 probed in Yahoo chat!!

you are probably using Quest's broadband package am i not right??????


Port 80 Information

World Wide Web HTTP

HTTP is used to serve and request WWW pages. The Source computer has scanned your computer for a Web Server. Personal Web Servers, while common, are not always secure. Some Personal Web Servers can be used to gain access to files on your computer. Many Trojan/Worm attacks spread via this port (such as the infamous Code Red). The firewall is protecting you from this threat. However, if you are running a web server or are publishing web camera photos to the web and that application is not working you will need to open this port.

This is from »www.hackerwatch.org



Re: YIKES - OPEN PORT 80 probed in Yahoo chat!!

Dude its not big that u have port 80 open...If ure running a firewall it will SEcure it and u have notin' to worry about;)



Help me!

I run McAfee Personal Firewall. I am not sure if all firewalls secure your ports.especially PORT 80..it is most likely port for hackers. If u now the answer or if you now how to close port 80 and still surf on the web please mail me at linovusa@xaker.ru

thank you#:p:o

jay bee


Re: Help me!

Dude man read above to Bloddy Templars' post top a similar question to yours. The web page you are accessing will open it's port 80, your computer , will use whatever post it feels like. Nothing to worry about. To see what ports are open on yur computer, from a DOS prompt. Type 'netstat -a -n' . It's no big deal to have ports open, they are used all the time. I don't use a firewall even, but I know my computer is secure..



About PRoxy

Do u know any 100% Anonymous proxy servers that nevel closed and timed out..So like u said thats its not big deal if my ports are open..but u can close them somehow I just wanna know how..thanx for replying!



password and admin name

Does anyone know the Admin name and Password for the Actiontech dsl gateway? I went to their website and it said "admin" is the username and that "blank" is the pass, but they dont work.:(



Re: password and admin name

Hey man Why dont u use a prog like WWWHack it can crack the POP3 password and http passwords like web-sites



Re: password and admin name

were can i get this at?

Premium,ExMod 1 BC

Re: password and admin name

Try a Google search. And when they said "blank" - did you just leave the password empty or did you actually type in the word blank? Try leaving it empty if you did.
Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. Barry LePatner



Re: password and admin name

yes, i tryed both leaving it blank, and typing in the word blank. And i tryed a google search on that wwwhack program, but i cant find it on those websites.



Re: password and admin name

hey man..u can get this prog wwwhack from the link a gave u on top or bottom...just look and see..there is a link


U can get this from hold on a sec Ill giv u a link »downloads.secrityfocus.com/tools/wwwhack.zip




Does any one know how to do a jumping IP adress.....Some how u put the proxy server and u put Port 8000 or 8888 parallel....something like that..but Im not sure...If any one knows please mail me at linovusa@xaker.ru



Opening port 80 for IIS behind Prestige 324?

Hey, everyone!

I'm using XP Pro with IIS 5, and I'm located behind a Zyxel Prestige 324. How do I open port 80 in the router settings so that I can access my localhost from the outside?

Thanks for any help!



http servers + port 80

Please remember for those who run webservers and have such ports as port 80 open to keep upto date with whats going on with the devlopment of your selected software this is to ensure security patches are upto date and known exploits plugged also goes for router firmware/firewalls

Running outdated server software could open your machine to malicious attackers


some bad attacks

You can use like »www.mydomain.com/.. and see some stuff in that directory that will attack a web server instantly so its not good to get hacked like that but most web servers including apache abyss web server xitami etc. have blocked some malcious codes which will mess up the server or see through the computer etc.

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(topic move) Problem With My Port 80, Please Help

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Windows built-in Firewall.

Does anyone know if it is safe enough to use windows firewall in Xp home and Server 2003 only, to prevent intruders? Or should I use a 3rd party firewall on the server/gateway? Any program to recommend?

Is it easy to hack WF?



Port 80 May Be Open Becouse

Hey, I have found not only web servers like apache use port 80 one application i have found to be listning on port 80 is Skype Internet Tellephone and some others a good application to download from microsoft is PortQry.exe with that you can see what ports are beaing listend on in XP

Bill G


Port 80

After reading all the comments about Port 80, I closed down all the chat software that was running. To my surprise Skype is useing Port 80 and Port 443...After shutting skype down these ports all closed..

Whilst port 80 is normally opened for web servers, other programs can use it to. Skype is such a program. Any open port that you are not aware of needs further investigation.


i have a levelone voi 2110 voip gateway with 2 tel ports and i cant reach it under the ip describe in the instructions ,i try with linux ,and with internet explore ,nothing happened ,i mention that at the beginning was working ,after i installed mc-caffee firewall i observe that port 80 is contacted by a lot of ip-s.if someone can give me a solution i will be grateful

I've been trying to connect to a game, Guild Wars that requires Port 80 everytime i try and connect it says unable to connect how do i open this port or sumthing like that?
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