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This is the forum for discussion of TekSavvy service.
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lockedteksavdirect » Can't dial some numbers on TekTalk
run its course
19/10anon : 2nd Apr 01:29PM
topicteksavvy » IP ranges and location based services. by ShocWave6/317ShocWave : 2nd Apr 06:24AM
topicteksavdirect » Cable modem problem: 475 vs. 476attachments by LordXenu4/8TSI Ashleigh : 2nd Apr 02:34AM
topicteksavvy » how often do you experience slowdown with your cable connection? by shunx10/499Maxx2006 : 1st Apr 08:48PM
topicteksavdirect » Referral bonus by tekguy853/5TSI ShawnS : 1st Apr 04:36PM
topicteksavdirect » Tektalk Account\Number "No Longer in service" by Steve2326/10TSI ShawnS : 1st Apr 12:08PM
topicteksavdirect » Moving to new location within sCable by seanho1/3TSI ShawnS : 1st Apr 11:25AM
topicteksavvy » Very slow upload speeds tonight in VDSL?? by Cubytus10/246Cubytus : 1st Apr 10:45AM
topicteksavdirect » sip issues by dazium3/3TSI JonD : 1st Apr 10:14AM
topicteksavvy » routing issues again to USeast. Dota2/League Of Legends/HoNattachmentsx3 by justasomeone13/423creed3020 : 1st Apr 08:20AM
topicteksavvy » Problems with PPPoE being unavailable by Poonaka12/587TSI Andre : 1st Apr 08:11AM
topicteksavdirect » Slow performance in since January TS support not helpful by neil85ae869/5TSI JonD : 1st Apr 07:12AM
topicteksavdirect » Checking 50/10 Availability by ASharp1/2TSI Ashleigh : 1st Apr 05:43AM
topicteksavvy » New TSI IP Blocks? by JMJimmy-/41831st Mar 11:03PM
topicteksavdirect » Disconnection issue after updating firmware. by adatviet14/6TSI Alan : 31st Mar 08:45PM
topicteksavdirect » cable cancel? by jacketfeng3/3TSI Alan : 31st Mar 08:37PM
topicteksavvy » Teksavvy Ads on FaceBook by Leathal15/791Rickkins : 31st Mar 08:22PM
topicteksavdirect » Internet disconnects every few hours by teknosavvy17/8TSI Alan : 31st Mar 05:13PM
topicteksavdirect » Transfering account to new home by deal15/3TSI JonD : 31st Mar 12:24PM
topicteksavdirect » Pop3 email still sporadic ( 1 2 ) by popsteksavvy46/28TSI JonD : 31st Mar 10:02AM
topicteksavdirect » Rogers cable tv breaking up and Internet spotty tonight by hightech19/8TSI JonD : 31st Mar 09:43AM
topicteksavdirect » High ping and latency in CS:GO by MrPwnage3/8TSI JonD : 31st Mar 08:35AM
topicteksavdirect » Thinking of switching to DSL 15/10. Questions. by zorekryk1/2TSI Ashleigh : 31st Mar 02:35AM
lockedteksavdirect » DSL highspeed faster than 7M in Maple/Vaughan
run its course
19/14anon : 30th Mar 07:39PM
topicteksavvy » ip is getting blocked? by ksebak2/328HiVolt : 30th Mar 07:02PM
topicteksavdirect » Long Distance account by cruj9b1/3TSI Alan : 30th Mar 05:29PM
topicteksavdirect » Slow internet speeds by PiWizard6/5TSI Alan : 30th Mar 05:10PM
topicteksavdirect » Routing issues, again.attachmentsx2 by justasomeone16/6TSI ShawnS : 30th Mar 04:12PM
topicteksavvy » Appeal in the works!!! by ndttech10/1762HiVolt : 30th Mar 03:00PM
topicteksavdirect » TDSL 50 upgrade by nottin3/4TSI Milissa : 30th Mar 02:01PM
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