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About TekSavvy

This is the forum for discussion of TekSavvy service.

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Welcome to the TekSavvy forum. The Site Rules on Posting apply here. If you have a question about a moderator action in the forum, please ask by Instant Message (IM) in a civil manner and we'll answer you as time allows.

This is a support forum, It is not a complaint box or an advertising centre. The forum is centred on questions, problems, and solutions concerning TekSavvy service. At this time Official TekSavvy Tech Support Help is available here, but this forum and site are NOT controlled by TekSavvy! Please contribute what you can, without using the forum to continually promote or bash the service. Please try to stay on topic within a thread. There is a New Topic button for other topics at the top right of the forum.

Please participate in forum maintenance by using the Hey Mods link if you believe a post violates the site posting rules. If it's just an opinion or a member that irks you, please ignore it or them. Life is full of such things.
Again, welcome to the TekSavvy forum.