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This forum is dedicated to the discussion of UNIX and its various clones.

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Forum specific rules:
    •Images should be kept small, at a displayable size of no more than 640x480
    •If they are larger than the size stated above, please zip it up and upload as an attachment.
    For those starting new threads: •Check previous threads first. That's what the search feature is for. Also check Google and other search sites. •"Catchy title" should relate to the topic of the thread. •Avoid using CAPS in "Catchy title". •State distribution/flavor and version. E.g Red Hat Linux 7.0.
FLAMING, O.S. BASHING and TROLLING are not permitted... DO NOT even THINK of engaging in such activities!


Please feel free to use our "SEARCH" function and do some research first.

If you are asking questions such as:
  • Which distribution is best/better?
  • Which should I use?
Have a look at DistroWatch. This site provides a summary of a few distributions out there and which one is best to suite YOUR NEEDS.

If you are having problems with UNIX/Linux be sure to state the distribution/flavor that you are using as it will be very helpful to us. Also have a look at this thread.