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A forum for the discussion of topics related to Verizon FIOS TV.

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Forum specific rules:
Welcome to the Verizon FIOS TV forum at DSLReports.

Before posting, please review the Verizon Forum Rules, all of which are applied by reference and extension, to this forum. Also check a couple pages back to see if your question has been asked before.

If your post relates to Verizon Online Internet Services, it should be posted to the Verizon DSL Forum.

If your post relates to general Verizon FiOS Services, it should be posted to the Verizon FiOS Forum.

General fiber optics topics not related to Verizon can be discussed in the Fiber Optics Forum.

Verizon Direct forum - Posts from the Verizon Direct Forum are NOT allowed to be posted in the regular Verizon Forums. You may share with others in your own words but do not copy and paste what was said nor may you directly quote the post from the Direct Forum.

News Articles - Articles should not be posted in their entirety. The acceptable way to post external articles is to partially quote, add some personal comments and give a full credit with a link back to the original site.

Please Note: No direct links to firmware or uploads of the firmware to BBR/DSLR are permissible, only links to the site hosting the firmware. Links to sites hosting third party firmware are offered "as is" by forum members.

Thank you.