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Note: This section is out of date and no longer maintained.
It is retained for the value of any residual information contained in it.

DSL - Section 1

This is the start of our information pages all about DSL. Below the line, you can find links to all the sections we offer. In the text, you will also be able to click on links (blue words).

The page is divided into two, clicking a link in the top half, fills in the answer at the bottom.

So what about DSL? well .. if you have no time, at least read our 10 key points about DSL in the US.
You might also want to look at pictures to see how DSL reaches your home, and connects to your PC.
Or you can start with a basic introduction now... or to continue, with the tell me more link.

tell me more...

key points

Key points about DSL service.
1. Your phone company is not the only provider of DSL service.
2. Your phone company does not tell you about DSL service available from other companies.
3. Just because you are near your CO, and it is a DSL equipped CO, does not mean you can get DSL.
4. A DSL order can be accepted, then may be canceled, because the phone company finds a problem.
5. The phone company is under no obligation to provide DSL capable lines, or DSL, to everyone
6. From DSL order to install takes time, how much time nobody can tell you for sure
7. IDSL is fairly expensive, but it may be your only option, and it is *much* better than a modem
8. If you are behind a DLC, do not expect DSL service for a year, or more
9. In ordering DSL, if you research wisely, you get what you pay for
10.In ordering the cheapest DSL available, you cannot expect much attention from humans

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