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Note: This section is out of date and no longer maintained.
It is retained for the value of any residual information contained in it.

DSL - Section 4

In the US, due to legislation, the Bell Operating Companies and Regional Bells that were spun off from the monopoly, AT&T, now own the last mile of copper (twisted pair) to residences and offices. It is therefore the responsibility of your local phone company to add a local loop from the DSLAM usually colocated at a local switching center, called the CO, to the point of demarkation at, or near, the residence or business that has ordered DSL. The ordering process and installation (truck roll) can be a complex process, as it involves up to three companies coordinating: the ISP, the DSL carrier and the phone company. At the moment, it is not possible to turn your regular phone line into an ADSL line without ordering DSL from your Telco. If you get DSL from a CLEC, then they must get a new clean pair arranged to your house, even if you are getting ADSL. A recent FCC ruling (November 1999) means that this will gradually change during 2000: the promise of being able to select a data provider when upgrading an existing phone line to a DSL line may become a reality.

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