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Rolodex of Companies

This is a rolodex of all the company listings we currently have. It excludes any companies we have identified as having gone out of business, or have been bought out (although we still keep those listings as well). If you want to see your company listed, please go to this page. If you know a company has gone out of business or changed its name or been bought out, please contact us or use the feedback link at the bottom of the page (preferably after clicking into erroneous listing itself).

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Wabash Networks (Flora IL)

Last updated: 2007-08-13 22:02:33

Walden Internet Villages

Last updated: 2006-10-26 20:15:54

Walnut Hill Telephone Company (Lewisville AR)

Last updated: 2009-03-30 10:34:38

Warp Drive Networks (Ramsey NJ)

Last updated: 2002-01-15 15:28:27

Watch TV (Lima OH)

Last updated: 2006-06-15 09:16:37

Wave Broadband (La Conner WA)
68Wave Broadband is a cable broadband services company based in Kirkland, Washington. We currently provide high speed Internet, cable television and digital cable to customers in Western Washington and California. Owned and operated by local industry l..

Last updated: 2014-10-10 00:18:24

Wave2Net High Speed Wireless Internet (Winchester VA)
VA MD WV 15High Speed Internet in Winchester VA, Frederick County, Clarke County, Warren County and more... Wave2Net is a leading Wireless ISP in the Shenandoah Valley providing broadband access to under served areas. Wave2Net offers speeds up to 30mb to resi..

Last updated: 2011-04-14 00:18:26

Wave2Wave (Hackensack NJ)

Last updated: 2007-04-16 20:53:50

WaveCrazy.Net (Lebanon PA)
PA 2High speed wireless internet!. Low prices and low installation fees!!. We also give a 30 day money back promise. If in the first 30 days You are unhappy for any reason?, the entire installation amount is refunded, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!. We also have no..

Last updated: 2005-08-16 20:42:52


Last updated: 2011-09-22 16:46:18

Waveform Technology LLC (Troy MI)
MI 7** T-1 Service for $399/month with loop in selected areas! ** We now offer Colocation Services starting at just $50.00/month complete. Colocate your game server, webserver or offsite backup with us in Troy, Michigan. Waveform Technology concentrat..

Last updated: 2007-12-17 09:13:36

Wavelength Broadband Internet (Greenville NC)
1Wavelength is a leading Broadband Solutions Provider (BSP) that specializes in connecting developing communities and underserved markets to the Network Economy. Wavelength currently provides broadband services throughout the continental United State..

Last updated: 2007-01-23 19:35:41

WavTeK Technology Systems (Woodstock IL)
IL  ========= ATTENTION ================== WavTeK Technology Systems No longer provides ISP services to the public. ========= ATTENTION ================== For information on our network of wireless hotspots visit OR vis..

Last updated: 2007-06-14 15:18:33

Waymark Internet Services
TX 17Covering Dallas, TX, using GTE....

Last updated: 1999-08-13 17:45:12

Waymark Internet Services, Inc. (Plano TX)
TX 1..

Last updated: 2002-12-26 09:57:08

WCI (Seattle WA)
22 states Dramatically increase the speed, quality and reliability of your Internet connection with secure business DSL from WCI. Experience the fastest DSL solutions available with business grade SDSL service and speeds ranging from128Kbps to 7Mbps. Enjoy gu..

Last updated: 2001-04-23 11:55:11

Wcoil Express


Last updated: 2006-10-21 12:54:37

Web Force Systems (Westerville OH)
1Full Service ISP. Offer Dedicated & Dial Up Connections, web hosting, email servers, DSL, SDSL, ISDL, Wireless, ISDN, and Full T1. DSL offered in varius areas accross the continental USA. We only offer business class DSL. ..

Last updated: 2001-02-09 17:56:19


Last updated: 2006-10-26 19:09:58



Last updated: 2008-01-28 21:06:37

WebHostingBuzz (Bradenton FL)

8Unlimited Sub-Domains Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Parked Domains Three Web Mail Programs FREE Shopping Carts FREE Anti Spam Software CPANEL/WHM Software Search Engine Promotion 30 Day Money Back 24x7 Technical..

Last updated: 2005-04-26 17:16:05


Last updated: 2007-12-09 10:55:30

WebNet Worldwide
MI  ..

Last updated: 1999-08-05 17:46:47

WebNet, Inc. (Clearwater FL)
FL  WebNet is an amalgamation of companies whose service to Central Florida businesses dates back to 1986. Integrated Voice & Data Wireless LAN EMail Web & FTP Hosting Secure VPNs Proxy Servers T1 & T3 Dedicated Lines Fractional T1 & T3 Lines Multi-link..

Last updated: 2001-08-09 19:53:37 (San Francisco CA)

Last updated: 2013-01-19 18:43:28

WebPerception (Novato CA)
CA 7Covering The entire San Francisco Bay area using GTE and North Point networks. All accounts start from $69 per month. All accounts include email, webspace, and dial up services. Multiple IP's and network installation are available!..

Last updated: 2000-02-22 20:30:05

Websurf Internet Access (Wichita KS)
KS 2Offering local DSL for Wichita, El Dorado, Hutchinson, Salina, Manhattan, Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas. We offer quality tech support from a local company. Business Class and Residential...

Last updated: 2006-10-17 23:48:47

Welho Cable

Last updated: 2011-01-30 17:00:50



Last updated: 2006-10-26 20:06:08

West Central Net
TX 2Covering San Angelo, TX, using GTE....

Last updated: 1999-08-13 17:45:12

West Coast Internet
CA  ..

Last updated: 1999-08-05 17:46:47

West Michigan Online (Holland MI)
MI 1We are a full service ISP offering SDSL, dedicated circuits, ISDN, and 56k dial-up...

Last updated: 2003-04-08 20:22:06

West Texas Rural Telephone

Last updated: 2008-02-02 21:18:23

West Waves (Aurora IL)
IL 1West Waves provides high-speed always-on wireless internet access to the community of Aurora, Oswego and Montgomery. We created these services using proven, industry-standards in wireless networking. In addition to your network connection, we also pr..

Last updated: 2004-01-27 20:28:59

West.Net (Santa Barbara CA)
CA  Pricing and details on our Web Site. california: Santa Barbara, Ventura and los angeles counties; santa barbara goleta carpinteria ..

Last updated: 1999-12-11 17:35:50

Westelcom Internet (Plattsburgh NY)
NY  Westelcom provides complete, easy-to-use Internet business solutions for small to medium-sized companies, Dial-Up access, DSL Access, High Speed Internet Access, Computer Network solutions, and Business Telephone systems. Upstate New York. Serving ..

Last updated: 2003-10-16 10:24:14

Western Communications (Tucson AZ)

 Provider of DSL/dial-up internet service and Starband satellite systems..

Last updated: 2001-04-29 15:39:53

Western PA Internet Access
PA  Covering Berlin, PA, using GTE....

Last updated: 1999-08-13 17:45:11

WesTex Connect

Last updated: 2013-06-12 08:59:10

Westman Wave (Brandon MB)
2Your full service ISP including business and residential Internet, webhosting, colocation, VPNs, managed firewalls, and consulting services. Services available in Brandon, Minnedosa, Neepawa, Carberry, Rivers, and Souris. Contact us at: internet@wes..

Last updated: 2004-03-07 14:18:50

WestNet Broadband

Last updated: 2007-01-12 21:26:02

WestNet Internet Services (Rye NY)
NJ PA CT NY 2Provide Commercial-class SDSL and Residential class ADSL through Covad. As a full service ISP, WestNet also provides basic dial-up accounts, ISDN, web hosting, domain registration services, and full/fractional T1. ..

Last updated: 2001-01-04 11:42:30

WestNet Wireless ( )

Last updated: 2013-09-25 03:52:10

WestPAnet Inc. (Warren PA)
PA 1Our residential wireless service requires no line of sight and no external antenna! Some wireless providers require expensive installs and antennas installed on your home. Our networks are some of the most reliable and efficient in the nation. We pr..

Last updated: 2004-11-16 19:01:15

WestPAnet Inc. CABLE (Warren PA)
PA is pleased to offer high-speed Cable Internet access in the Youngsville, Pittsfield and Irvine areas. Our Cable Internet access lets you surf the Internet at speeds dramatically faster than the fastest dial-up modem connection. It is an "..

Last updated: 2005-05-17 21:17:36

WhidbeyNET (Langley WA)
WA 6Serving all of Whidbey Island, Stanwood, Camano Island, Point Roberts, and parts of Snohomish County using Verizon or Whidbey Telephone Company...

Last updated: 2002-12-27 18:20:14



Last updated: 2011-03-13 08:56:00


Last updated: 2007-12-09 11:50:39

Widomaker (Newport News VA)
41 states Widomaker provides DSL, Highspeed Satellite, Leased Lines, dial-up, SDSL, v90, v92, Broadband, 56K, Web Hosting, One-way Satellite DryLoop DSL, and Standalone DSL...

Last updated: 2011-07-22 14:04:44


Last updated: 2008-06-27 14:54:28

Wightman Telecom

Last updated: 2009-09-28 20:34:41

Wild Rose Wireless ( )

Last updated: 2009-03-30 14:47:03

WildBlue (Englewood CO)

477WildBlue offers you high-speed Internet access via satellite to almost every corner of the U.S.! Imagine “always on”, lightning fast connections to the Internet. No more dialing in. No more delays. No more wondering if high-speed Interne..

Last updated: 2005-06-14 10:01:51

WiLine (San Mateo CA)

Last updated: 2009-06-15 20:16:24

Willamette Valley Internet, LLC (Stayton OR)
OR 4WVI is a Broadband ISP offering Symmetric and Asymmetric DSL access. WVI also provides traditional dialup and ISDN access services, domain hosting and other Internet services...

Last updated: 2003-01-30 22:59:38

WiLogic Inc - Call Today Internet Tomorrow (Huntington Beach CA)
CA  WiLogic, Inc. is an Internet Service Provider located in Huntington Beach, CA. VOIP is here! We are the access provider, not a reseller. Call for details We provide a comprehensive, IP network solution that enables you and your business to benef..

Last updated: 2006-10-23 20:45:50

Win.Net Internet (Louisville KY)
KY IN 2Win.Net offers FREE equipment lease/guarantee. We never charge for the equipment and will replace it free of charge as long as you have your account. Win.Net has been serving your internet needs since 1990. All prices include USF recovery fee...

Last updated: 2004-06-25 17:40:08

Winchester Wireless (Winchester VA)

Last updated: 2010-05-27 19:13:27

WIND Mobile

Last updated: 2011-04-18 08:56:39

Wind Wireless

Last updated: 2011-04-16 10:27:13

Windstream (Little Rock AR)

724Our name may be new, but our roots run deep. Headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., Windstream Communications offers phone, broadband and digital TV services, and has a long and proud history. Windstream was formed through the spinoff of Alltel's landli..

Last updated: 2009-04-02 10:32:12

Wintek Corporation
IN  Covering Lafayette, IN, using GTE....

Last updated: 1999-08-13 17:45:07

Wireless Inet

Last updated: 2011-08-13 15:43:47

WishCom (Spring Grove IL)
6The fastest ISP in Northern McHenry County offering Motorola Canopy based high speed wireless service to Spring Grove, Richmond, McHenry, Johnsburg, Hebron and Woodstock, IL. ..

Last updated: 2007-06-13 13:12:57


Last updated: 2006-10-19 21:43:08

Wispertel (Evergreen CO)
6Affordable wireless internet access in the Denver area. Wisper offers high-speed transport services, point-to-point networking, and a full complement of ISP services such as Web hosting, Co-location Service and E-Commerce solutions. ..

Last updated: 2004-11-13 17:04:40

Last updated: 2011-01-30 17:31:01

WISPRENN (Hesperia CA)

Last updated: 2010-05-27 18:29:36


Last updated: 2008-11-13 20:58:16

WMIS Internet

Last updated: 2006-10-26 19:14:57

Wonderwave Internet (Wonder Lake IL)
IL 4Wonderwave Internet, Wonder Lake's first and only ISP. Wonderwave Internet has the only local number for dial-up users, and high speed wireless access for residential & business users. Free wireless site survey, Pricing begins at $45.00 monthly for r..

Last updated: 2010-09-28 18:02:03

World Access Communications (Lodi CA)
44 states WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT From home offices to large corporate businesses, World Access Communications can provide reliable, high-speed connections. World Access Communications also offers firewall protection, email and web hosting solutions. We can help..

Last updated: 2004-08-10 15:57:15

World Dot Com, Inc. (Brooklyn NY)
 We are a full ISP, DialUp service as low $12.95 per month UNLIMITED!..Hosting, ISDN, DSL, ASP/CGI, Audio/Video Streaming and much more...

Last updated: 2000-05-13 21:51:28

World Lynx

Last updated: 2003-06-02 23:19:39

World Skyline (Duluth GA)
19 states10World Skyline's DSL gives you a full-time, "always on" connection, similar to the high speed T-1 based services that most businesses use to connect to the Internet. With World Skyline's DSL, you can connect your LAN and run network servers that requi..

Last updated: 2000-04-30 03:34:44

World Wide Communications (DBA
VA 1Covering Harrisonburg, VA, using GTE....

Last updated: 1999-08-13 17:22:27

World Wide Net (Livonia MI)
MI 1We operate a fully redundant, fault tolerant, fiber optic Network Operations Center. Our pure Cisco NOC utilizes BGP and OSPF technologies to provide you the fastest and most reliable routing possible. We operate a multi-homed backbone connection bas..

Last updated: 2002-01-30 13:34:12

World-Net (San Antonio TX)
CA TX  World Net has been offering DSL service since 1996, and has experience with ADSL, SDSL, IDSL and HDSL. For all of your DSL needs contact us. We offer the finest in customer service. Our mission will be to follow through on all aspects of your DSL in..

Last updated: 2000-06-17 01:25:55 ( )

Last updated: 2013-01-19 17:59:24

Worldlink Internet Services (Seattle WA)
WA 4Western Washington's first DSL ISP. Now offering: -Business Class Bonded DSL Specials on Qwest and Verizon residential DSL packages $15 a month for the first 4 months. Worldlink provides Standalone/Naked DSL in Qwest & Verizon territory through..

Last updated: 2008-06-26 11:22:02

WorldPath Internet Services (Farmington NH)
 Worldpath is an independent provider of SDSL, IDSL and ADSL. In addition to DSL we also provide T1's, Fract T's, Frames, content filtering, hosting and firewall solutions...

Last updated: 2001-09-13 09:11:41

WOW Internet and Cable (Colorado Springs CO)

Last updated: 2003-12-07 22:05:00

WOWACCESS (Naperville IL)
IL 5WOWACCESS Broadband service offers high-speed, always-on, Internet access. With download speeds bursting to 20Mbps, that can be tailored to your needs. Connections can be symmetrical (bi-directional/duplex) with guaranteed bandwidth speeds, providin..

Last updated: 2011-05-08 20:59:13 (West Plains MO)
MO AR, Internet Service Provider for West Plains, Thayer, Koshkonong, MO. as well as the Mammoth Springs, AR. area. We provide dial-up access,web hosting, Front Page Extentions,Classified Advertisements. Direct connection to the backbone of the in..

Last updated: 2000-05-03 10:01:58

WT Internet (Houston TX)
TX 2WT Net offers ADSL and SDSL services through Northpoint to SWB customers in the Houston area. We're multi-homed with three backbones to ensure reliable service and high uptimes...

Last updated: 1999-12-15 00:51:47

WTC Communications
4WTC Communications, a long-standing foundation in communications, is committed to providing integrity connectivity solutions for society & the community at large. We are a leading provider of communications and have been since 1932. With highly scal..

Last updated: 2007-02-07 18:35:15

Wtechlink (Pendleton OR)
OR   We Serve Pendleton, Oregon & surrounding area. Fast - Connections start at 800k and go above 3 Megabit Low Cost - Prices start at just $108 quarterly. That's $36 a month, with no taxes or additional fees. Reliability - We use the best in class ..

Last updated: 2006-11-29 01:18:08 (Flushing NY)
NJ CT NY CA  National DSL coverage. Excellent technical support. Dedicated personnel on your DSL order. optional VoDSL/VoIP, VPN. IPSec/Firewall. For detail or Call 718-888-0098 Router Equipment: 1.Flowpoint 2100 ADSL 2.Flowpoint 144 IDSL 3...

Last updated: 2000-02-22 20:30:06

Wydebeam Broadband (Mesa AZ)
3Wydebeam Broadband is an East Valley based High Speed Internet Service provider. Currently our coverage area covers approximately all of the East Valley. Our service levels include Residential, Small to Medium size Corporate clients, Apartment Comple..

Last updated: 2006-06-06 18:02:26 (Riverton WY)

Last updated: 2009-06-24 22:00:09