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by Karl Bode 09:29AM Monday Mar 30 2015
Dave Zatz points to leaked data that suggests new versions or the Roku 2 and Roku 3 could be just weeks away, according to data from the FCC's website. The revised devices also appear to have arrived early on Best Buy's Canadian website, suggesting some relatively minor cosmetic changes to the devices and potentially a small boost in processing power. The biggest changes appear to do with the device remotes; the Roku 2 remote will lose its current headphone port, and the Roku 3 remote will feature quick launch buttons for YouTube and Google Play.

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"I imagine the prices are off, given prerelease timing and exchange rates, and I wouldn’t recommend pre-ordering from these guys given our limited information," notes Zatz. "But expected availability of April 13th or so, according to Best Buy, seems quite possible."

There's still no word on a 4K-capable (and bandwidth hungry) Roku 4.

The company at CES stated they were first offering 4K capabilities as a reference design to be included in select smart TV internals. With 4K standards still in flux, it appears that Roku's not in any particular rush, though they'd probably like to beat Apple (and Apple TV) to the 4K spec just for bragging rights. Of course 4K in time is going to require HDCP 2.2 copy protection, and with most audio receivers incapable of either 4K or HDCP 2.2 (not to mention the dearth of actual 4K content), Roku and Apple still have plenty of time to meet demand.


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by Karl Bode 01:42PM Monday Mar 30 2015
Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam on Friday wrote a letter to leaders of the House and Senate Commerce committees urging Congress to step in and do something about the FCC's recent decision to uncharacteristically stand up to large broadband providers and pass meaningful (we hope) net neutrality rules. Verizon stated that the existing laws allowing the FCC to engage in said pro-consumer behavior are "outdated and broken."

Earlier this year net neutrality opponents Senator John Thune and Representative Fred Upton pushed what they called a "bipartisan" solution to net neutrality.
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by Karl Bode 03:48PM Monday Mar 30 2015
T-Mobile's generally seen as having a weak wireless broadband coverage footprint, and the "uncarrier" is hoping to do something about that with a new crowdsourced coverage map. In a blog post, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray says the company has significantly reworked its data coverage maps to include data from outside firms and users themselves.
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by Karl Bode 07:36AM Monday Mar 30 2015
The Denver Post notes that Google Fiber has filed a business registration with the Colorado secretary of state. For what it's worth, Google Fiber says this doesn't necessarily mean that Denver will ultimately become a Google Fiber launch location. "We don't have any current plans to expand to additional cities beyond our current potential Fiber cities," Google said in a statement. "We love that people are excited about Fiber, but we have to start somewhere — we have a lot of work to do before we can talk about additional expansion plans." Last week the company added Salt Lake City to its growing list of markets that include Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Kansas City, Provo and Austin.


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by Karl Bode 05:56PM Monday Mar 30 2015
AT&T's deployment of its faster 1 Gbps "Gigapower" service continued this week with the announcement that the company is now offering the speedy option in parts of Apple's hometown of Cuppertino, California. According to the company's announcement, the service should be available to order today -- though AT&T doesn't specifically note which parts of Cupertino will be getting the service.
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by Karl Bode 08:36AM Monday Mar 30 2015
Last year CenturyLink started offering 1 Gbps to a smattering of high-end development communities in places like Omaha and Las Vegas, but has been pretty ambiguous about just how many users can get the service. Last August they stated they'd be offering 1 Gbps speeds in parts of sixteen cities (including Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City), but again, specific build locations and total potential subscriber numbers have been nowhere to be seen.
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by Karl Bode 11:39AM Monday Mar 30 2015
HBO's upcoming standalone streaming service HBO may offer notably more content than was expected. In addition to all of HBO's past and current content, reports suggest the upcoming $15 per month service may also include all Turner Networks content from channels like TNT and TBS. Time Warner executives are also in discussion as to whether the service should include content from channels like Cartoon Network and its popular programming lineup within Adult Swim. HBO Go is expected to launch sometime ahead of the April 12 premier of the latest episode of HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones."


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by Revcb 07:29AM Monday Mar 30 2015


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