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OK, just proving to JoJo I was once a horsewoman, too! I'm the one riding the neck of this fearless animal! I am accompanied by big brother and cousin. :)

by sortofageek
Age 3-Shirley T. Wannabe

"Me. Age 3. Shirley Temple wan.."
"What a cute little girl you we.."
"HOLY COW! Sunny!!! That pictur.."

by sortofageek

Just Me

Me on November 24, 2010

by simplykristi
Me and Babette

Just had this taken last week.

by meeow
Just sitting around

Me now, sans facial metal.

by Madcap
Old Picture

July 4th, 2009

feedback? · by Madcap


by Inchworm
Just us

Me and my better half.

by Nanoprobe

TB At Work

by TrainBuff

Just me...

by MstrBlstr
Who? Me?

The face behind the klown...

"My but you're hairy, Giz! :o .."
"At least his trainer is a wise.."
"Suddenly I feel much younger...."

by Gizmo

Just Me

Me from April 2008... The only thing different... My hair is shorter is now.

by simplykristi

wanabegeek and son

by wanabegeek

Anne and PeteC2 in Mexico (Riviera Maya) 2007

by PeteC2
Old Picture

Here's an old one. I don't look much better now, I'm told...

""I don't look much better now,.."

by alphapointe

Me...in front of my Mac. :)

by wxboss
squirt - a few years ago

"I just saw this, nice pic! *wa.."

by squirt

Akasha... OT Queen

feedback? · by Akasha
Just us

MSVtblues and vtblues

by Vtblues
Pop & Son

This one should provide Giz plenty of ammo!

feedback? · by rusdi

Good Ole Me..

by Defiance82

Mr. and Mrs. Badhat

"Bill, you is a handsome devil!.."

by BadHat

November 2006

Most recent pic, 11/2006

by TheGeeze
me, myself and I

feedback? · by usa2k
Erin "Ireland" Conle

Me, 5 years ago. Not much has changed...just shorter hair.

by DirtyCharmed
me once again

taken in 2002, same friends, this time with her new puppy, Bella. Black Lab of course..

feedback? · by santy
me again

another shot of me with the horse.

by santy
couple of years ago

this was taken a couple of years ago. I was the only one able to hold the horse still for some pic's. Friend had just bought the horse saving it from the slaughter house.

"Nice horse. I'm glad your frie.."

by santy

It be Bill

This is from when I was 47, but I look about the same now - same big nose, mouth and ears; don't have the hat or sweatshirt anymore, though.

by marcelle19
CatSnak 2005

Me late summer of '05

by CatSnak
Vacation in Holland

So here is a picture of my ugly mug.

"Ugly? NOT!!! :o ;) :D I've .."
"Your daughter visited us yeste.."

by georgequ


This was 70 lbs ago, before the weight loss.

by BadHat