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  • Have you cut back on telecom services because of the economy? Tuesday October 28th
  • What's Your Favorite Next-Gen Broadband Technology? Tuesday November 21st
  • Including all factors (price & quality), which is better? Monday November 13th
  • Is broadband a utility, or a luxury? Wednesday October 25th
  • What should be the FCC minimum standard for broadband? Friday October 20th
  • Adelphia Customers: have you had a smooth switch to your new provider? Tuesday October 10th
  • Should the U.S. broadband industry move to a "bill by the byte" pricing system? Friday October 6th
  • Will YouTube Survive? Wednesday October 4th
  • Do You Bundle? Thursday September 7th
  • Will Uncle Sam approve AT&T's acquisition of BellSouth? Sunday March 5th
  • Do you have a moral problem with Wi-Fi freeloading? Why? Tuesday February 28th
  • Do you approve of the telco's desire to impose a quality of service broadband tariff? Thursday February 2nd
  • Are you currently a 3G (third generation) wireless broadband subscriber? Wednesday December 7th
  • Is selling wireless phone service a good move for the cable industry? Wednesday November 2nd
  • Favorite Place to Download Music? Wednesday October 5th
  • Would you rather purchase triple play service from a telco or cable company? Monday September 19th
  • What does America most need to do in order to become a broadband world leader? Thursday September 1st
  • Will you buy TV from your phone company if competitively priced? Monday August 29th
  • Does your ISP offer you a free suite of security tools? Tuesday August 16th

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