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dslreports.com and your privacy

dslreports.com [referred to herein as DSLR] detail our policy on collecting and using personal information.

DSLR's Policy

DSLR's policy on our wholly controlled and operated Internet site is to respect and protect the privacy of our users. DSLR does not disclose rent or sell your email address or any other information we may receive to any third party - unless you specifically request this..

In registration, DSLR requires an email address. all other details are optional.

At any time, you may remove your records (but not your past contributions in the form of forum posts, ISP reviews or other data) from our user database, and receive confirmation by email that your identifying data has been erased from our production systems.

Please note that contributions you make to the site (postings, reviews, news, and other writings), under our terms of use policy, are ours to use (delete, republish, modify) as we like. In case where these contributions are provided to third parties, aggregated or published, information sufficient to identify the original author will be removed, OR your permission to keep the identification with the material will be sought via an email to your registered user address.. In the case that your email address is not answered, or no longer valid, we consider any notification obligation we have relating to use of the material is discharged.

DSLR and Cookies

Upon your first login to DSLR, We send a "cookie" to your browser. It can also store personal preferences and user data. A cookie tells us that you previously logged in sucessfully, and therefore gains you access to the site. Google analytics is also used for data aggregation of visitor page requests.

DSLR uses a cookie to identify you with your registration details, and to track user trends and patterns.

Ad serving

Ads are served by google adsense.


We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. If the change involves a reduction in privacy protection of any kind, a notice will be posted to our site help forum explaining the change. Since the inception of DSLR and the first version of the privacy policy, no such change has been made.