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(11th year!)
email:Not public.
+VIP Telus - unofficial
Location:Prince George, BC
Last seen:2015-04-01 00:54:35

Kudos Received

  • JM explained the technical issues I faced in a way that me, a non-techie, could understand. He is a benefit to Telus. alfun47 See Profile, 3.2 years
  • Great guy, great asset to telus, and smarter then most people at telus. After speaking to dozens of guys Jammerman new exactly what was going on and helped make things right. Thanks again my man. . krazy_leb8 See Profile, 3.5 years
  • Almost suspiciously too helpful, I honestly don't know how he manages it. Truly an asset to Telus and to DSLR. kylez See Profile, 3.6 years
  • One of the most helpful members of the DSLreports community. Has put up with my trolling and sarcasm for years and is still helpful :). pfak See Profile, 4.2 years
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome! Did I mention JammerMan79 was awesome? Telus needs to be proud of employees like this as they are a very rare breed. Truly an asset that goes beyond what is expected. . aa_aa See Profile, 4.8 years
  • Thanks goes out to you JammerMan79. You are consistently there to help everyone out including me. Definitely one of the major reasons I am still with Telus. Keep up the great work. . ipaine See Profile, 5.1 years
  • Thank you JammerMan79! One of the reasons I stay with Telus is because people like you who will actually take time to help clients. MadHatter888 See Profile, 5.3 years
  • JammerMan79 is a great asset of Telus, provides excellent service by being proactive and professional. metronet See Profile, 5.3 years
  • JammerMan79 is a great guy that [B]actually cares[B] about your experience with Telus!. ClickRight See Profile, 5.7 years
  • JM79 is a great asset to the TELUS community on dslr!. MrBlack See Profile, 5.8 years

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