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Chris 313

(10th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Houma, LA
On these maps:·Members Tech
Reviews:·AT&T U-Verse
·Comcast Digital ..
Last seen:2014-04-21 03:32:46
Profilemy computer:
Primary Computer:

Gateway GX7022E Desktop:

Operating System:

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Media Center Edition 2005

3GHZ Dual Core Intel Pentium D

4GB Crucial DDR2 PC2-5300 Ram (3.24GB of the RAM is seen since I'm on XP)

320GB Internal HD
500GB External HD

Gateway 24'' widescreen LCD running at 1920x1200

Nvidia Geforce 7800GT Graphics card

Why do I like broadband?:
It's the way Internet should be and as long as I have computers, there will be broadband in my home.

Dial-Up just doesn't cut it anymore...

Inspirational Text:
Live everyday to it's fullest for it may be your last.

About my Avatar/Username:
My avatar is simple: I like the symbiote creatures from the Marvel Spider-Man Comics.

There's a bit of a story behind my user name.

Over the years, I got into computers by learning on my Uncle's and by the tail end of 1997, I had gotten into something called WebTV (Now called MSNTV 2) and in months before had already decided what my name would be: Chris 313.

I used the WebTV unit for about 2 years until I got my first computer and AOHell dial up connection. Then, my name morphed from Chris 313 to Chris313AllNight.

Since then, it's been this way, and I use variations of these names.

I'll probably be sticking with these two names for years to come, but there's one thing to always be sure of, I will always be Chris 313...

My first name:

BBR Team Helix
Why did I join?:
On September 29, 2002 @ 12:35 PM, my father died from Terminal Melanoma Cancer. It is my hope to find a cure for this so no one else has to die from this painful sickness.

When did I join?:
I joined on 3/28/2007

Messaging Systems
My AOL Instant Messenger ID:
ChrisAllNight313 (Not on this often, but will use it when requested.)

My Yahoo Instant Messenger ID:
Chris313AllNight (Primary. After PM'ing me here, let's get to talking!)

My MSN Instant Messenger ID:
Chris313AllNight (This comes in second to my Yahoo usage. PM me if you wanna talk here.)

googletalk ID:
Chris313AllNight (PM me if you wanna talk here.)

skype ID:
Chris313AllNight (Am using this one more since I got my mic jacks fixed finally. PM me and we'll chat it up without any LD fees!)

My home connection
Gateway GX7022E Desktop

Motorola Surfboard SB6141

Asus RT-N66U router loaded with Merlin Firmware

Speed down/up:
50/10 (55-65/11) FINALLY upgraded on 3/26/13.


Xbox Live
Devil May Cry 4
Halo 3
Gears of War 2

My home connection
ISP charge/month:

Kudos Received

  • What an valued member to the Comcast forum. Always willing to help many. Keep up the good work!. Johkal See Profile, 215 days

Kudos Given

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