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(9th year!)
email:Not public.
Last seen:2014-04-23 20:09:56

Kudos Received

  • Stewart....Thank you so very much for your invaluable assistance. As a result, I feel that I am well on my way to resolving a problem that my VoIP provider had given up on. ---Rob . robharrisva See Profile, 64 days
  • Excellent knowledge in VoIP and knows how to diagnostic issues in an efficient way. Always useful to users on DSLReports. MartinM See Profile, 1.1 years
  • Many thanks for your help and valuable advices in solving issue with SIP/VoIP adapter. pulsar777 See Profile, 1.3 years
  • Excellent analysis of too many DNS SRV records . gweidenh See Profile, 1.5 years
  • Stewart is a great asset for the dsl voip community. He shows great leadership skills by sharing his voip knowledge and guiding others, like me, through the voip adventure. . jmofaz See Profile, 1.7 years
  • stewart, thanks for the great responses to my post, you have taken of your time to respond and help me [us] figure several things on VOIP service. Thanks again. maflaya See Profile, 2 years
  • Nailed my config problem between OBI100 and Anveo the first time. Too bad their tech support couldn't!!! Thanks so much. pertman See Profile, 2.1 years
  • Incredibly generous with time (found a spec. in an equipment manual before I'd even had the chance to look), and quite knowledgeable. Very much appreciated!. paulwye See Profile, 2.1 years
  • Nice find on tutorial on how to route your server's email through Google's SMTP servers!. crazyk4952 See Profile, 2.2 years
  • Thanks! I don't think I would have ever been able to pull the information out of Asterisk and Bria logs. I really appreciate you taking the time to figure this out. lifespeed See Profile, 2.2 years

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