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(9th year!)
Editor of these FAQs:
·AT&T U-Verse FAQ
Location:Lisle, IL
On these maps:·UVERSE User
Reviews:·AT&T U-Verse
Last seen:2015-01-27 16:37:45

Kudos Received

  • Thanks for the help. DougPawl See Profile, 302 days
  • Thanks for the info. sla See Profile, 1 year
  • Reliable ATT forum advisor. Straight and to the point. Patient and knowledgeable. Can't get that anywhere else. joewho See Profile, 1.1 years
  • Greetings! You helped me with a question about a box being installed next to a DSLAM. I posted a pic and here is part of your response: ------------- Rumors of U-Verse IPTV over ADSL2+ have existed for a few years now... UserinNEW See Profile, 1.3 years
  • Thanks for the insightful info regarding U-verse. Very helpful!. mr_ed194 See Profile, 2.2 years
  • ILpt4U solved my issue with a 2701HGV-B that I couldn't get working. Thanks!. yomama See Profile, 3.2 years
  • ILpt4U helped me a lot when my U-verse connection was going down the drain due to some interference issues. Offered great advice and I was finally able to find a solution to my problems! Thanks again! . Marcus Fenix See Profile, 3.5 years
  • ILPt4U gave me some good advise and feed back on a U-verse wiring question. aruggles See Profile, 4 years
  • Always a pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable in the field, always helpful when I have questions about wiring in the field, and dedicated to the customer. . mmay149q See Profile, 5.3 years

Kudos Given

whamel See Profile mmay149q See Profile

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