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Karl Bode

(15th year!)
Forum Host:
·Time Warner Cable
·PC Gaming
Last seen:2014-11-22 19:14:46
ProfileInspirational Text:
"There is such a thing as truth. Non-relative, unassailable, valuable truth. Do not let people relativise the concept of truth into vapour."

-Warren Ellis

Kudos Received

  • Fights the good fight and keeps them honest. IPPlanMan See Profile, 151 days
  • You are awesome! Keep em honest!! :). Overtkill See Profile, 243 days
  • I love you Man! Keep up the good fight! . KrK See Profile, 255 days
  • Although Karl's Specialty Is Articles ... I Had Questions I Sent To Karl Via Instant Message About Website Features. He Quickly Replied Back Within Two Minutes (I Don't Know If It Even Took That Long, Maybe Sooner). DeadSurvivor See Profile, 1 year
  • Karl, you are a great reporter. I love reading your stories because you are persistent and you ferret out the truth. Your stories remind me of the reporting that used to exist at the Wall Street Journal before Murdoch bought the paper and ruined it. BlueMagic See Profile, 1 year
  • Love logging on and reading your news posts. Great asset to this site. pizz See Profile, 1.2 years
  • I get how difficult it is to compose a news release that is readable, grammatically correct, documented, sufficiently researched, concise, relevant, sincerely interesting, intuitive, understandable and serves as something more than a rewritten press .. Noah Vail See Profile, 2.1 years
  • Just a kudo for the latest story about the shameful state of US Broadband! Amen! . KrK See Profile, 2.1 years
  • Thank you for your contribution to the effort of unleashing the true potential of this country. By trying to squeeze every last cent out of the data network, the private sector is crippling us. mb See Profile, 2.3 years
  • Thanks for the updates on the Cox Caps Crap, I've been a Cox customer for many years and their service has been awesome. I hope someday caps will be gone. Thanks, Karl! . Rob_ See Profile, 2.5 years

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fatness See Profile

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