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(9th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Fort Smith, AR
Last seen:2014-06-12 18:15:38
ProfilePhotography Equipment:
Got a Pentax K-10 .
And a film hog since way back !
Pentax K-1000/Nikon FG

my computer:
1:OC`ed Q6600 @ 3.4GHz
2:AMD 5000+ x2 @3.2GHz
3:P4 @2.8GHz
4:Celeron @2.6GHz
5:Laptop @2.2GHz
A Total of 9 cores as of 4/30/2008

AND Making my computer go faster ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM !

Why do I like broadband?:
The speed ,the upload , DL ETC ETC ....

About my Avatar/Username:
The name is off a US show called SG1 .The correct spelling of it is Goa'uld.I just like the way the double o's look, + it's easy to type in all the time .

ask me about:
Anything , I'll try and help ...

DSLR Team Discovery details
Why did I join?:
One I want to help and two I have juvenile diabetes.
So crunchin' for a cure Just seems like a great thing to do.
And I can't see all that CPU power just sitting idle and going to waste ...
Team Discovery Can be found here on BBR http://www.dslreports.com/forum/disco

My home connection
Motorola SB5120-cable modem/
Motorola WR850G-Router/
3 hard wired connections /
1 wireless connection.

Speed down/up:
5000 to9000up/550down

ISP charge/month:

Kudos Received

  • Can't say thanks enough for all your help. Nanoprobe See Profile, 5.7 years
  • Thank you for all you do!. lilhurricane See Profile, 6.3 years
  • Kudos for all the support you give to TD! :). Dersgniw See Profile, 6.5 years
  • Many thanks for informative help and friendship :). Ray422 See Profile, 6.5 years

Kudos Given

SueS See Profile SandShark See Profile Jodokast96 See Profile nklb See Profile Gemologist See Profile jaykaykay See Profile cvrefugee See Profile Dersgniw See Profile Ray422 See Profile

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  2. 2008-11-11 left by crazyknight See Profile seller 'Kingston 2GB (4 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800' see »[FS]*SOLD* DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) rated them 5/5
    Summary: Fast payment and good communications! Thanks again!
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