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Teddy Boom

(8th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Toronto, ON
Last seen:2014-10-01 08:54:56
ProfileI have a website also!:

Kudos Received

  • Very good and informative posts. . FreeThinker See Profile, 8 days
  • thanks for the advice and helpful replies!. hopetindall See Profile, 67 days
  • Thanks again for helping me with the firmware update on my Motorola SB6121! My connection seems a lot more stable. neuf See Profile, 267 days
  • Thanks bro for your help, works! If only there was less politics in these internet companies eh? Thanks again, very nice meeting you. gaganji See Profile, 307 days
  • Updated firmware on sb6120. Highly knowledgeable and great service. Internet is up and running smoothly. Highly recommended. kingkapong See Profile, 341 days
  • Thanks for the firmware update! Everything's working great so far! Much appreciated. julezdee See Profile, 349 days
  • Thank you very much for updating my DCM475 firmware! Much appreciated!. philip83 See Profile, 1 year
  • +1 cool idea. AOD See Profile, 1 year
  • Sometimes people on the WWW surprise you. In Teddy Booms case it's in a good way. Always willing to help those of us with less knowledge then he has. Much thx for your contribution here and direct in emails. londoner1 See Profile, 1 year
  • (link) Interesting insight to an issue I experienced. Useful to know if it recurs. nuggie See Profile, 1 year

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