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(8th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Rego Park, NY
Last seen:2013-11-19 12:49:21
Hardware Hacking! I play around with various Arduino projects on my spare time. Other embedded development boards I work with (academically and personally) include the Maple and Raspberry Pi, along with the BeagleBoard. I like to closely follow the news on developments in the Broadband/Telecom industry in general.
I am also a Mechanical Engineering undergrad (And electrical engineering grad) student, and therefore quite interested in the aerospace & defense / avionics sector.
Other interests include biking, reading (sci-fi's always a favorite!), and a bit of travelling on the side.

ask me about:
Academic: Engineering Math topics, C/C++ programming (System-level on Linux, and ARM/AVR Embedded i.e. RTOS development, bare-metal hard-realtime systems, some object-oriented stuff), Algorithms, Circuit Design & fabrication, Sensors & Data acquisition
Et. al: DSL/Cellular tech, Networking

About my Avatar/Username:
Avatar was meant to represent the fundamental theorem of calculus, but crappy BBR compression got in the way =\

My mobile phone:
Current: Nokia N9 running Meego 1.3 Harmattan, Service provider: T-mobile USA (prepaid)

I like to listen to:
Linkin Park, Coldplay, U2, Beatles, Hadouken, the occasional Dubstep remix

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