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(8th year!)
email:Not public.
On these maps:·FiOS availability
Last seen:2014-09-23 19:42:37

Kudos Received

  • Thanks for taking the time/trouble to post that chart confirming digital changeover hasn't yet occurred in my service area. So thoughtful of you :-). NiPa See Profile, 27 days
  • Thanks for figuring out the VAP2500 password. . Darknessfall See Profile, 34 days
  • Thanks for answering my question. I had just about given up on ever getting any answers, or even suggestions - the question was fairly esoteric, I guess, or not specific enough for anyone to pay attention. emjayef See Profile, 60 days
  • Thanks so much for digging into the IOG source code and spotting my dumb error!. Fraoch See Profile, 60 days
  • About (link) good advice, worth my kudo. Scothloks. miataman See Profile, 104 days
  • Thanks for helping make my NVG510 pingable. mjf See Profile, 105 days
  • Cheers, and thanks for helping troubleshoot my ddrescue issues!. El Quintron See Profile, 235 days
  • Great job. Thanks a lot. ogdensburg See Profile, 281 days
  • mackey was of great assistance to me when I was troubleshooting/rewiring my Heat Pump system. Gave great, and timely advice. bouchigo See Profile, 1.2 years
  • This guy is brilliant with respect to configuring IPv6 on AT&T U-Verse!. pcgeek86 See Profile, 1.4 years

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